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So that your brother the best doll fair was he man length when it was just like here and bleach ROY. Before go for it. Go for the gopher that kind of go for the curls. Yeah. Don't fight it. Just cut your hair. Don't that flattening thing. A man don't do it. We just went to the premier's cry makes you ruined Christmas Ziglar. All right because oh bad. It was like my hair. Yes. Yes. Your hair ruined Christmas again. But but yet so you went to who's your favorites at grown up my favorite. I had a pretty lame favorite at one point. This was when I before I actually was super and do and I would just passing Washington passing. I thought the repo man it was so cool. Oh my God berry, Dr Sal. Because if you're a child, you're watching wrestling not for maneuvers, and technical whatever you just saying, I just saw guy with a little bandit thing and big hook on a chain. That was cool to me for the same reason. I got into Jake rockers later. This guy's a giant snake cool. That's cla. That's no, it's W review. Looking. That's a reference over there. That is such a boys club pick people, man. Your gateway gateway guy. As a learned to see things that recall and weren't cool. And what I read this point. Now, what's your first thing that got you interesting? Probably Jake row J snake? My plan. That was kind of ultimate warrior for me looking at his summer, slam match against a man, they should have. I got superstars. And I was like I'm in who the fuck is that guy, and I was so in when I first moved to Florida, I got. Really into arching honky tonk man stuff because sand. I was so obsessed with him. He's pros or fucking hilar-. You're so funny and his matches. We'd watch matches before he was honky tonk man when he was just a developing the little hip-shaking thing Saint Pete couldn't have era. And then we got super we would watch everything that we could find on him this before the network existed. We're just on YouTube looking at matches and then event and then still like, I'm this way. I don't know if you are I'll go back and watch something and forget how it ends. Yeah. I got. So even that movie that Steve curls at about amateur Oestling of. Lien's or? Yes. So that's a story. We all grew up doing if you're an amateur something FOX catcher Scatcherd a story that you definitely if you've ever wrestled, and you grove wrestling highschool grade school, you know, that story. And it's like unspoken tragic said thing I go to the movie forgetting that what it's about. And I'm just like, well, it's very pretty interesting. And then that happens, and I'm like, oh why that's. James's forgot actually I didn't know the story of it until I saw the thirty for thirty about eighty and then watch FOX catcher. Okay. Let's very good order or events. Some watching honky tonk man's whole run frigging all ultimate warrior entirely. The old wars is gonna go squash and second. Yeah. I got because I'm like tan do no one can beat him. He's as the longest streak, he's the champ, blah, blah, blah. And it was like heartbreaking for me to see warrior, come out and just kill him in instantly, win new champ. And the place is going crazy because they just hate it on talks Winston, Tino when he won the. Bring up the hunk of meter. And the only for like two weeks. Damn. Forget that and relive it. So that matched. Yeah. Over and over. But to me it was like, oh, man. I love..

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