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I'm still trying to think of ways I could do that. Maybe at the moment might might vote Dixon. Voltaire wickel and helping people I that myself. That may be the stuff I could do my off. I'm not ready ratio without a young show. Their stuff you can do your own his Mental Health Challenge every week quite a set Which do together over the price about office instagram. All at this time this kind of is very very heating. Very therapy Something that people who they may not usually talking to a will. I am reading very powerful. I guess you just Kinda go feel your way through what you what you can or can't gifts and how you can be something there if you space for it and they'll be something fee today. Yeah George just during is already. I think people if people realize how how could fall sick so I wouldn't rule. He's a really easy way to be playful. Bring your child self back and I think that the difficulty even with myself with making is letting go and just trusting US alphand enjoying the process because in a critic is always can always be. That consortium Away from is really is really powerful. I think it's really I think that's the that's always puts people doing it. I guess this over them so consciousness about it worries a walk a google. Judging by. That's the thing is quite to me. during painting they they reflect like bigger things actually by the way we exists from day to day lines and is up this warrior by what they were saying about doing stuff. You kind of you kind of do that when you're making a very that's always why felt important connection so it was the same thing. He may not existing through what you'll making light you just so you crazy so you create the same so you plan to send criteria to making it all work than you to just just living life in the same way and you guy for these ideas some of these worries as you makes it work unite. You'RE GONNA be client courageous as well. You know you need to get the things that you're gonNa ruin am ruined the work and don't worry about. We'll find Giron. Your Voice Inside. This is who I am rather them be lights campaign a pint misery really well skillfully. Because that's impressive about united bound funding. Second date will move connects with people. Say just going off that. Then what is what was your process been like I mean we're even the pressure will lack. That will at this moment in time that you feed him pressure to make what are you. What was that off you right now? If you're not wet no pressure on myself. I'm you can. I think you need to eat there. When it feels Ryan needs to force yourself to a bear was always in ECON. Just wait for inspiration to happen. You have to kind of find. Did he have to engage in during? Its like I should be. You should be doing a set amount every day Fulsomely so esoteric that we need to look after ourselves a bit. I'm just tight the time to reflect and think about things they so they still quiet women find ourselves in. You know it's important to solve that pressuring Salford. That's what I'm doing anyway But it was funny ways to make up. But am I enjoying? But in I I can't say icon congregate Full because oil paint nominee and a larger scale. And if it weren't Kim my group doesn't reading my space mightier doesn't doesn't work that will that's awesome shift Smooth and talking about looking off yourself. Are you looking after yourself? How are you looking off Joseph? How'd you wish maybe you think I'm looking out for myself? And what's helping you right now. Kind of keeping you to keep you going. Cutters mentally emotionally autistic. Levian Cathal. Yeah so over a chain so An exercise getting out and doing stuff and make just still trying to live your life and contract. We've paid when the way you can. So that's why I guess I online Khoza good with my friends. We do that. Vana GAM and catching up forever ways doing things maybe ended before which gives us time reading books and stuff. 'cause that's important to of pull Important Mental Health Dot Com. So from that place where he's Com- do come come theory wristwatch were may so you just go find things to do? Maybe I guess instead of going to a ball to me up with people you have seen coal and just a few years. They're on the same coal. Yeah that's still wave kind of connected do things in in a quiet away serving at I found myself having. I like having no time to that. Yeah Yeah rushing around trying to I. I'm always thinking I should be getting gang some going somewhere sooner. Largent ten o'clock in the morning and you know if something else comes up. Spend 'cause you know one thing and it might take longer you in the game against one o'clock Slough now go to the studio and stuff and then you you rush out so. This sense of urgency is gone. It's like oh well. At the days days days to me it is does likes some so continue? Continue Transitional Summit in a ratio. You so you know what we call things days because we know that's what they should be cold but they don't really feel like they used to be. Every time has definitely changed the Times walked. And everyone's kind of making sense of this new normal and I think your first and foremost if you look at yourself in. That's that's the priority radio and then you can be there for others as a win but yeah it sounds like you do really well. I think maybe I can finding a what. Is there anything that you're looking forward to? It could be during lockdown. It could be optimal don. It could be whenever I really I I. I'm I'm going to thing looking forward to. This rejection restrictions restriction down being replaced and having that because he suddenly like because. I think I guess what was happening in. London is is a busy. You Frenetic really is quite stressful. When away at you so love aided spend time running around am at an is always people around and you? Kinda just when I wanted to get a peace and quiet? That's what was so place the recreation and you just need more time to work with these things. I mean you suddenly get held a so quietness. Wait why knowing the way we wanted to happen. And I feel like I've ago says afraid they'll go out and do these things I was able to do before and I think that's the strangest thing and I think that's having freedom Looking forward to so realizing that things you actually so hard before actually commit sin stuff. I miss you miss. Let's go out and do a thing and that freedom just do things and once employed for tonight one in and I'm able to make the most of these opportunities our writer because I feel is less the opportunities available less now and maybe don't realize how much was going on in that city in the city now take for granted in our Happens in the future we can so of them appreciate that someone announce that but I think eventually goes said was trying to say I had that. You're looking forward to appreciate London in a new way..

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