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Showed up to work at six thirty open the roll up door, and he software inside. So we instantly he called nine one. One Olsen says firefighters good job keeping flames away from gas pumps at a Chevron station just a few feet away. Nobody was hurt. But the car wash suffered heavy damage. Federal authorities have taken over the investigation into Friday's fire that destroyed a worship hall for Jehovah's. Witnesses in Lacey. It was the fifth attack on kingdom hall in Thurston county this year. And investigators believe they're all connected. Komo's Carleen Johnson has the latest. Let's Seattle branch of the bureau of alcohol tobacco, firearms and explosives ruled the fire arson over the weekend. But they're not saying exactly what led to that quick conclusion may release information to help with the with the tips. But at this point, we don't wanna talk about that ATF spokesman Jason Chetty. Who says they did recover the buildings cameras that have said those off to the national lab and hopes they captured an image of the suspect or suspects. If those are recoverable these fires and the shots fired at the young witness halt earlier this year bleed to all be connected, obviously, all the cases took place in Thurston county. Obviously, they were all let you hold this. Witnesses kingdom fire. So we do believe it was one person or persons were involved in this. They are all related, thankfully, no one's been injured in any of these incidents ATF offering a combined thirty six thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. It may have been high hopes that grounded Bremerton Spier chief and prompted the mayor to give him the acts. The kids have sun reports that former chief David Schmidt showed his budget proposal presentation to the Bremerton mayor Greg Wheeler in advance after seeing it Wheeler is said to have edited out any reference to additional funding the mayor then wrote an Email to chief Schmidt to keep it brief and stay with the script in the slide. But the chief never even got that opportunity. He was fired without cause the day before that budget presentation and the city of seatac is mourning the loss of one of its newest council members Amina Ahmed died in a head on crash Saturday on south one eighty eighth street in seatac the fifty two year old was an immigration and refugee rights community leader. And newly appointed to the seatac city council in October her friends tell us they'll work hard to contain. The work. She started the mayor of seatac called her. A welcome addition to the council and a fresh voice with a unique perspective coming up on KOMO news. I'm Brian Calvert. And safety concerns prompted local city to open its first sanctioned homeless camp.

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