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Among cares or maternal point of view on i listen to the south are guys train matter parker matt stow houses in them on the bill simmons heart yes and they're talking about why don't have women on south park and because we voice and right the characters and we do revisions up till the last minute we can't bring in someone to do lines three am and we don't really so don't really know how to write women so we don't try women and i think of so you want more than that but there's a nobility and not there is at the same time nobility but in ignorance and like not even trying to articulate a female character right so i think a lot i think that part of why all these characters were missing from especially these earlier animated films probably i mean of so many of them come from like hans christian andersen are the grand brothers adding and didn't know how in a way that honored that galaxy of a mom shirts didn't know what to do it or maybe they had themselves mommy she's speaking mommy issues let's talk about so moms with issues because as as with any prominent figure there are archetype since subsets of this specific of the central valley of the specific character so you know we were riffing we we came up with a handful of the kinds of moms you meet and pop culture so we thought we'd share a few years give me what's your first kinda mom that we will definitely me and buckle tracy you're going to meet the another mother you're going to have them on here overprotected bossie she needs attention regularly she wanting to control over things like he date where you go live on examples of this are like beverly goldberg from the birds maria in the big fat my big fat greek wedding like she's the controlling like it feels like nurturing but it's really helicopter parenting with a side of psychosis and listen i like a good i'm glad i don't have us mother mother but i always like to be smother mother adjacent because sure gas you always has good snacks at their house.

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