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On the part of foreign tyrants and. Despots and for many many years I never ever thought that I would see it here in the United States in an op Ed in today's New York Times Brennan criticizes Trump for calling on Russia to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails during the two thousand sixteen, election the nonprofit environmental working group says General Motors and the Quaker Oats company put too much glide for say. In their products life oh say the active ingredient in roundup. Weed killer is, found in, several popular breakfast foods and cereals that are marketed to children you're listening to. The latest from NBC News Radio The US slapping sanctions on Russian and Chinese firms for, helping North Korean, shipping and selling alcohol and tobacco to the reclusive state in violation of existing sanctions. The treasury department announced yesterday the new sanctions targeted Chinese trading company and Russian port, service agency which allowed North Korean ships to dock Chinese officials, state. Media responded saying putting massive pressure on North Korea isn't the way to get the country to denuclearize the son of actor John Claude van Damme may soon be, behind bars. In Arizona nNcholas von berenberg pleaded guilty Wednesday to holding his roommate at knife point in their Tempe. Apartment back in two thousand, seventeen prosecutors say police followed a trail of blood to an apartment where people were complaining about loud banging. And yelling body camera footage shows von berenberg threatening to kill his roommate with a kitchen knife if he opened the door for. Cops, and then made reference to his famous father he's due back in court in October Jayson Campadonia NBC News Radio Elvis fans. Made their annual pilgrimage to Memphis last night tomorrow The forty first anniversary of his death the focus now shifts, one, hundred miles south today Presley birthplace in Tupelo expects bigger crowds I feel like we'll get some traffic over the next two or three days as people. Leave Memphis and begin to go home the executive. Director at the birthplace as. When it comes to marketing anniversaries of notable events people have a thing about round, numbers last year forty years after Elvis died the crowds were big, this, year, down a little bit both. Here and in Memphis. But we, still had some good crowds is just not been rush rush rush like. It was last year Andy bell in Jackson a nosy bear in Alaska is doing whatever it takes to get a late night snack omen tells KT you. You that she and, her mother had just returned from walk when they saw black bear approach a car at the mendenhall glacier she says the bear put his in, the door handle opened, the, door. And took off, with a takeout container officials are.

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