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To the nation's fentanyl crisis and believe they found an answer. Similar to the hepatitis B vaccine, the vaccine stimulates the body to make antibodies against fentanyl. Carlos, you want to take a picture of this. Scientists say those antibodies can block the euphoric high a person feels from taking the drug. The antibodies bind to sentinel prevent it from getting into the brain, and then it is exited from the body. The individual didn't get back on the wagon to sobriety. Work started nearly 6 years ago using proteins from two other inoculations already on the market. Casey steagall reporting. Gel manicures are quite popular these days, but a new study may indicate the process of getting them could harm your skin. The radiation from nail dryers may not only damage your skin but also increase your risk of getting skin cancer. That's according to a study published in the journal nature communications. Now doctor Adam Friedman professor and director of dermatology at the GW school of medicine says since the study only looked at the impact on cells more research is needed here. The bigger issue is we don't know what the cumulative risk is of individuals going and be exposed to these dryers over and over again. He says the safest bet would be to not use the devices, but if you do. Putting sunscreen on the areas around the nail before using said device in the nail salon can help protect the skin around the nails. Mike Morello, WTO P news. Grocery shoppers, frustrated by the record high price of eggs, are starting to go right to the source by bringing home chickens. However, that can cost you more in the long run. Rachel Moore reported with The Wall Street Journal, says it may seem like a good idea, but it takes at least 6 months for chicks to produce, and there's a shelf life once they do. Traditionally, when hens reached a certain age and their egg production slowed down, usually around 6 years old. That's when the chicken would become dinner. More people are keeping them as pets now, meaning so long to the egg savings. If your goal is just to save money on egg prices, probably not the best call from it'll take a while and require quite a few chickens before you're really even breaking even. Ralph Fox WTO P news. 9 55 money news at 25 and 55. Retirement funding option, the Roth IRA, I'm Mark Hamrick with a bank rate dot com personal finance manager. Many Americans wish they'd done a better job saving for retirement for a good part of the population, it's not too late to do better. The Roth individual retirement account is a somewhat less

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