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The root of this whole social distancing stuff people went shopping to purchase those darn thing in the midst of all this we'll talk about this connects with audiences in the morning it's nine seven point one wash FM you too in the morning on ninety seven point one wash FM Washington's variety of the eighties nineties and today panic purchases things you bought in the run up to All Things corona virus and you know we're not talking just for the paper and hand sanitizer what's something that you bought that you never really imagined you would yeah so they announced they were closing the gems so I went and picked up kettlebells it's some work out on in the living room and what did you get I bought a pulse oximeter to check my oxygen levels you know for like twenty five Bucks just because I want to know if I have a trouble breathing what my oxygen is going to be be prepared the rain allocate city what did you pick up a mini water filtration system handout what does that mean handheld water filtration what does that look like it's almost like a soccer ball time so trace out ninety nine percent of the areas germs from makes rivers from the and I just thought if I can get more water I can just go to my own water wherever it may be from and so I thought the kids would drink the father whether it's Saddam itself thanks for sharing that with us this morning we'll talk to you soon we love you for being a part of the safety health Jill Dougherty I'm here with Chile good morning producer Kayla you're part of the show from Arnold Maryland tell us what weird panic purchase you had a couple extra hundred pounds of seed for our livestock well that's not unique or anything a couple of hundred pounds of feed you barely have a lot of land and how does go to the go to the chickens eat the same feed it or not different the different enclosures different every season yeah of course we get why you want to keep your livestock fed you know with the quarantine and and such but for you to to stockpile that is everybody running out and buying that like we worried you wouldn't get some like people can't get toilet paper and the feed store was really happened yesterday so I you know I would think you know I mean if if things get shut down you know we're gonna all be stock fell right some stuff on hand to get you through would you say you have enough to last until August definitely not probably about maybe six weeks six weeks that's good well we know where to go if we need to get our hands on some feed Joe absolutely thanks for being a part of the show eight six six Washington the number one call chili and myself now and tell us all about this panic purchase of yours a bizarre one stories from you on the way stay with us now Lisa bass traffic what's going on Virginia in the rain we had a crash north of ninety five at six ten moved on to the shoulder it'll take about five minutes to the backup in Annadale minor crashed with two vehicles and two thirty six this one eight Guinea road Maryland are you ready a twenty minute back up so you're not the only one on the.

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