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I'm glad i listen to the words because when he first said he's like troy when i was like what's what's he like him they get dressed in the same locker they got the star on the helmet because i don't see the similarities now he talks about how he likes the game to be played where dak is even though he came from the system mississippi state he's a pure dropback passer he likes timing he likes to build throw in the windows those types of things detroi aikman light but from a skill set standpoint doesn't have the skill set that troy aikman have i just must say that his delivery is his wind up is a little bit slower than troy's has ability to build throat about deep down the field he doesn't have that ability to troy choi's deep ball troy's deep comebacks on the outside don't throw across the middle on timing being fearless of throwing the ball in the coverage and and no one that he had to arm town to bill to get it there those are things that troy aikman that that does not have now dallas do some things that steven jones mention around them offense to build a helping out but the overall mentality is a little more like troy of just i wanna system i want to throw two areas i want my guys to build to get open i'm not going to add live as much as tony romo so with that part i agree with what stephen said i tried to listen closely to what he said there about the style in which dak is the precise you listen closely because you know i listen real rupe absolutely one hundred percent on something like this no question about it and one of the words used were per seis on time to areas and i thought about you actually when i heard this before the show when you were describing dez and the jerseys we were talking about dez in the route tree and your everyone this off season they talk about dez is focused oh he's going to have more route different routes to run he's going to diversify route trie you've been much more focused on how about the route already running run them better get a better release off the.

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