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Chosen these these guys and they've they've produced so that kind of went away without incident but today day the couple moments one when you realized what you're up against with Dow his force of Nature Presence Send. The wash is as brilliant as Neal's Cup ski was today and he deserves to play. The was a moment where you just saw the Dow walkout and you just thought just imagine if if the Murray brothers walked out right now as well Just in terms of matching up that that personality out there but he was there looking terribly miserable courtside and ex and just going through hell. Yeah I mean I felt the same fulfil just for she she or a purposes to try to try and fight the force of nature and on the opposite side of the court. I thought the only chance of combating that would be with with the Murray brothers and ended up feeling guilty for for having felt that as I watched you know Neil scopes give rise to the occasion Asian and be really as much as he doesn't have kind of Mario Batali score and presence he's an incredibly cool cucumber and I was really struck by that really. Didn't doubt his nerve at any stage because the noise people make when he was about out to try and serve in that second set time writing for instance. I don't know how they concentrate when when the crowd is kind of whistling and if if they missed the first serve and then they kick off again and as you say he just kept Tattoo. Art was mightily impressed. Some place just just come good. Donate the Davis Cup happen. That's two wins and pushing the Dow. Close that's a pretty good FM. Yeah meanwhile landy. Murray sank into a state of sits esque despair on the sidelines there is. There's a prolonged camera. Shots of him as ASKEBZC in his his brother were walking. Of course the the one of the cameras on the side of the Panthers Marine it was. His face is frozen in a state of deep despair. It was it was horrifying. I mean for for for tennis player who is achieved. Zandi Mary to be sat inches away from that core. Not being able to do anything about it that was unfolding thing must have must have been agonizing and normally tennis players watching. Tennis is one of my absolute favorite things Felix. Would you Elliott this week. For example has been just great to watch in the box face pumping Andy Murray. What Shing tennis is one of my least favorite things is it? It just made me made me sad. He was he was squirming and biting his nails and sinking into his chair and hiding behind his hands so he he was going to have watching his brother. That's the lowest he didn't. He didn't sit in the front row didn't he. He wouldn't hide himself away. He knew he would be projecting his angst which he very much was he wouldn't go away stuck it out out but we don't know what's wrong with him and I kind of want to know whether it's any more serious than what we knew about it. It is not just biscuits no many having a day off after that match was was understandable Having another to not playing again in the entire tournament well. There's something wrong so I want to know what it is but we don't know anyway. We'll find out. I'm showing showing Yukos now. Spain they're gonNA play Canada in the final tomorrow. Canada beating Russia. Quite fantastic result doc for Canada having come from a rubber behind because vast pospisil finally beaten by Andrei Rubel if Dennis Chevelle of is producing isn't he. Isn't he doing in well. Ready to step up his he can still be erotic and he was against the other day but he showing some metal here I think. Think and great. Great performance. Canada's first-ever Davis Cup final for them. Isn't it yeah. That's right and he. Yeah Dennis chiappa valve has has been really great not not always the most brilliant tennis that he's capable of. I don't think but in a way. Okay that's that's why he's been so impressive because he's been managing to win without just kind of blowing people off the court. Necessarily he's had a lotta tight sets difficult situations. And Yeah he's he's been really impressive and this was a big big tie against Russia. He's obviously got some Russian heritage. Take and you know so. And he's got a Russian coach Mikhail Youzhny so so there was that connection for him out on the court today. Yeah he was. He was really great and to see him. Combine with specific this week. Because the the partnership everyone was talking about was was os. Your Semen Zemun Chapa Valve. That's the that's the more natural partnership in the in. The Canadian squad seem not quite being fits enough because of his ankle. Well I actually asked shop about oven pospisil impression of what was your. What was your relationship like before this tournament and and had have you played much before and this is the first time they've played doubles together? pospisil and CHAPA VALVE AND CHAPARRAL offset. He's always looked up to pospisil and wanted to play with him ever ever since one Wimbledon and possible said. Yeah we've we've been through something special together here them. We're going to be stronger because of that and it's good for our team going forward that this that this is a partnership that we've developed a relationship that we've kind of nurtured on court and yet is there's something there's something really powerful about them for them to be able to beat action of a rube left who have already got that pre established friendship before the tie I thought was just incredibly impressive from them. I think we all picked action of a move live yesterday. I thought Russia would make it possible Saul afterwards afterwards asked about the comparison between the Davis Cup ties. He's played in the atmosphere is played in before and this one is his captain. Frank Don Civic was was interested to listen to as well listen to these. I feel like the the emotions are comparable to be honest. I like well this is the first semifinal I mean is even even even more emotional. I feel like there's been such a big build up to to this day. Just we played so many matches to get to to the semi semi finals. So it's it's yeah. It's the best of three format now but I wouldn't say it's less taxing on the body especially if you have to play singles doubles every day. I mean I feel like it's pretty similar at least my feeling. I still feel like it's like we're playing Davis Cup. There's so much on the line you know we have we have great Fans flew in and so it just felt very similar to to playing Any other Davis Cup tie accept just for some reason feels like there's more on the line because all the players are here all the teams are here so in some ways that that makes it kind of feel even bigger that if that makes sense I don't know but Yeah feels feels feels amazing and I would I would still. They say that they're from a player's perspective. From our perspective it seems very similar. It's been an amazing ride. So far as a captain I. It's it quite new to me. I've been doing this for two years now. I believe two two and a half years. So it's quite you and To be in this position this early in my right my captain career is amazing. I mean these guys have a great team to back it off. These guys are world cost players and and they're playing they I I mean this week. They played lights out. And I just think that You know I'm I'm really really happy with with everything that's going on. I wasn't expecting it to be honest. I know we have a great team. I know we're great players. There is but to be in. The finals of Davis Cup is a really big deal. And and to be here it's it's sort of surreal but You know it's kind of gathering the motions right now and and we have a shot at the title. So I was telling these guys on the chair when I was when I was sitting on match point and my you know my heart was beating so fast that it was actually starting to black out a little bit before the match plan I was trying to control. Oh my breathing and just on my cell debris the slowly and stay calm and we're you know we're close to this so damn civic basically passing out while he's he's courtside not very helpful but you know what a what an experience for for those guys and to be in the final now and it's a Dude I love the way. Canada embraces tennis the way they've embraced the Andress Q.. Story in these the young Canadian men as well. It's it's a fantastic story and they've come at numbers to support them as well do they have do you think. Do you have a better chance of beating in Spain in the final in Britain did or Joe do you think it's going to be straightforward. You think you think we'll get doubles tomorrow. So that's a good question shop shop Ivanov does not have a good record against top top players. I don't give him. I don't give him much chance against Nidal So who do we think will play. Spain's number T to we have to do. We seem Lopez. They were in the Spanish portion of the press conference tonight. There were saying that quite unbelievably really really but there is a chance about east to Google will come back and play he was there today. COOTS and camera radium. Moving having a moment between the Dole and heaven embrace in in the tunnel before they would g to count No word spoken but Non Needed see very emotional for the Spanish team. Participate if you if you didn't tear show of a couple of nights ago lost his father a few days ago and left the team as a result of that but has come back today so yeah incredibly moving to see the pictures of him. I mean that would be. That would be something if he played so so. Yeah I think so. It's about whether Pospisil I think can beat Spain's lines not pospisil isn't really fully fit. As a matter. and He is put himself through the ringer. Absolutely he he's got a bit of a shoulder a problem. He was getting heavy massage on his shoulder. During that doubles it didn't didn't seem to affect him too much but it's clearly really bothering him. Saying idea see might be just about fit but but he's not played for weeks. I mean yeah. Expect him to come in and play. I think would be incredibly difficult. I think they'll stick with pospisil. Don't you talk to shoulder or not just inject into that shoulder and off you go check your whole career for that moment. Franken income frank. Dang Chevik is an interesting captain because I think he must be one of the most understated captains you know he's not he didn't have Brilliant singles career really. You know like like Lleyton. Hewitt's or Ramadi facial captain's Nicolas Massu an equally. He's not he's not like a Lien Smith or a top chef. You've got lots and lots of experience in the Davis Cup and yet I think because he's a similar kind of age to a lot of the players and he's been on the tour with them. I think the players do connect with him quite well. I think there's a related but let's see there and it doesn't doesn't feel like there's a hierarchy in the in the Canadian team. It almost feels like chiappa valve pospisil. You know everyone's directing the questions to him whereas for example in sorry to them whereas in Britain's press conference Leon Smith gets a lot of the questions he feels like the team spokesperson. But it's less so with with Danka Vich and what we were saying yesterday about the kind of end of golden generation for Serbia. Well this famous feels like the star to the golden generation for Canadian. Tennis already started with with Andrea School and shop of Alvin are seen rising but just just for them to be in a Davis Cup final without really using well. I haven't used. I think what they could be doing in future years. It does feel like start over kind of Canadian power in tennis. Um Does Roddy. Then I think we saw going to get a doubles match tomorrow. Still it would feel so wrong if we don't get a doubles in the final. Yeah this week given how this week is played out just no body will start Nidal. Spain on spinal went. Yeah I I'm not sure we will get a doubles. I think I think they might get it done in the singles I think there they have had the tougher side of the draw in terms of rest. Nadal actually shut down the the press conference in quite respectful away but he basically said. I know you're doing jobs. I need to do mine and I need to go to bed. Kinda thing we'll need to rest and everyone kind of accepted. Did that issues enough dull on that now catherine which you just informed formed everyone that we will need to Catherine. Richards is left Sankara and we are going to leave the tennis. podcast on Nice for tonight anything else before we do go matt..

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