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The in boston twenty nine degrees dropping into the teens in many areas tonight good afternoon i'm jeff brown top stories now wall street's again the dow drops more than a thousand points it's the second time that's happened in a week it's a four percent loss pretty much across the board for the market boston police arrest more than three dozen people that a drug sweep they also net over forty kilos of bentonville cocaine and heroin governor charlie baker says the 'longfellow bridge linking boston to cambridge will reopen in may this after several years of renovation of the pentagon now has a new policy on harassment cbs news correspondent cami mccormick says it applies to every one from the military to the department of defense policy will cover sexual harassment bullying hazing and online behaviour the pentagon says it will make sure those responsible are held accountable the new policy comes a year after the online photo scandal involving us marines and others the different military branches now have sixty days to develop their plans for implementing the policy and we'll have to set up 24 hour hotlines for harassment questions and complaint those who are found in violation of these new rules will get a permanent mark on their service record scary ride for three snowmobilers in western wyoming when an avalanche buries one of them under several feet of snow his friends doug him out of eventually the victim when he did emerge not breathing he eventually came to the man treated for what turned out to be just might senior injuries and then released from a nearby hospital a college student from florida says she's thinking about suing spirit airlines after she was told that she couldn't bring her emotional support hamster on a flight in fact she says the airline in baltimore told her to flush the animal down a toilets spirit denies that but the woman did it anyway saying she ran out of her other options woman says she called the airline ahead of time and at the time was told bringing the hamster named pebbles on board would not be a problem wbz news time five twenty one officials in cape town south africa are rationing water residents there being told to reduce their water intake to fifty liters a day abc's james longman says.

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