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Inbound side of the Dan Ryan starting this hour they're gonna reduce things to one lane heading inbound between eighteen and the burn interchange while they do some expressway world work around one AM they're gonna start fifteen minute full stops until seven AM Sunday morning so that's definitely a slow things down on the Ryan we will keep you posted on that right now things are clear on the I. inbound and outbound side of the this is no delays to report out on Kennedy slow seventy minutes downtown a monstrous twenty seven two oh here express lanes are currently eight minutes from the Ontario feeder to the eaves on the inbound side it's twenty three minutes so headed downtown thirteen from the junction Eisenhower no delays on the outbound side inbound slow thirty three minutes three ninety to downtown twenty minutes from Mannheim Stevenson is clear on both sides no problems to report on I fifty five in will county Dameron once again looking good right now fifteen minutes either way between downtown in ninety fifth but again they are gonna reduce things to one lane from eighteen to the burn interchange later this hour and that world work will continue until seven AM Sunday morning I fifty seven is clear in both directions no delays to report on the bishop Ford they should drive south on slow from the streaker of discografia pricey looks good no problems on the Jane Addams or the Reagan that trends route fifty three three ninety and I eighty all clear north west Indiana roads all incident free our next traffic report will be a ten twenty eight on newsradio seven eighty sponsored by the Berman auto express store the new Berman auto express stores the expressway to buy your next used car one hundred percent online just like you use vehicle get instant upfront pricing they'll delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign over five hundred vehicles a permit dot com once again our next traffic report at ten twenty eight on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM all right now only partly cloudy love thirty two cloudy and breezy tomorrow a bit of drizzle in the afternoon and a high of forty five rain and drizzle tomorrow night especially late temperatures holding steady riven rising Monday cloudy some showers and a high of forty eight with temperatures.

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