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This we have people who is strokes tubers and things like that but now we have yet another tool in our arsenal that's krenz trade trans cranial magnetic stimulation by putting your brain in a helmet which cresa magnetic field we could turn on it off certain parts of the brain and therefore we know with certain parts of the brain do because once you turn up this part of the raid all of a sudden your left hand does it work your turnoff that part of the brain and you're right had this at work it's a very primitive process but hey it works now have we done this odd addiction the answer is no we're talking about a very tiny part of the ray the nucleus accumbens and is creating a magnetic stimulation is not that precise that we can actually shut honor off certain parts of the brain and second of all it's the biochemistry of addiction that is at stake here trans cranial stimulation basically turns on and off certain parts of the rate but it is the biochemistry the nucleus accumbens which causes addiction so at the present time there is no simple magic bullet to addiction which is very sad because of course millions of people are affected by drugs and because evolution never gave us defenses against it we are largely defenseless when you fled the brain with chemicals which stimulate the pleasure center but hey we're moving very fast in this field maybe in the near future it will find a way of linking these two things the right now trends cranial magnetic stimulation is basically this should honour off certain parts of the brain but addiction is biochemical okay well let's move right along to the next listener phone call hi dr kaku how would like to know your opinion what is your gas are we in the simulation thanks well egeland musk space x that tesla voters think so and let me back up a bit many people know about virtual reality you put on goggles that you can simulate a magic mary world many people have seen the movie the matrix where reality itself was uploaded in the human brain now then the question is how realistic can you make a simulation is the world a simulation i don't think so but let's take a look at the pros and cons of this let's try to.

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