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Also be that SARS Cov one and it's involved with clotting so having lower levels may somehow even help protect against that's a theory it hasn't been shown but What is known is that people will typo. Blood are are less susceptible to contracting Copa Nineteen. That's that's definitely known But I mean I think there's so many things just there's so many factors that a lot of data needs to be passed out for sure I mean a lot of data that means progress out a lot of data that needs to be generated. And you know. We need higher quality data. We need know people to repeat stuff. I mean. Look what's happened with this hydroxy chloroquine stuff right. I mean I mean. It's just kind of a mess. Where initially it seemed like could be helpful and and then just more and more studies came out where it was not knowing not helpful it. Was You know? Toxic IS CAUSING. People tap dangerous arrhythmias and stuff you know. So that's that's kind of the the reason to be cautious when when you have something new and a small one small study like in the beginning. At least they're trying to figure out what the correct treatment for these people as they were just showing up in mass in the emergency rooms and they didn't really doctors they varied in how they approached it. My Friend Michael. His doctor didn't put on a ventilator and he said if I put him on a ventilator he's probably going to die right because he said his body is going to stop working. Because it's it's GonNa let the ventilator do the breathing forum it's going to give up and when he was talking about After the fact would Michael's talking about was how that is proven to be correct in New York and that some monstrous number like eighty percent of the bureau put on ventilators wind up. Not Just New York. I like a life had friends that are physicians. That have like you know in New Orleans. I mean same thing where it's like you know I. There was someone on my team. We were looking. We were doing some research on this and I didn't sort of dive into the whole thing but he was he was telling me that Ventilators do actually like cause more damage to the like like. He'd been reading some studies to confirm that and he was pretty certain that that ventilators actually caused damage in actually could like induced damage. Where it's like making it worse. So that's so specific all I know. Is that it it looking at the statistics. Like if you go on a ventilator and surely it seems like the outcomes not very. It doesn't seem like it's going to be very good but it's hard to say is that the cause of it or is a right there so fucked up by the time they get on a ventilator one of dying right well here. The there's been some really interesting data looking at like in the Philippines and Indonesia else nor I think New Orleans as well. They've looked at patients that have died and their vitamin D levels and in basically like in the Philippines you know people that for like every standard deviation increase in vitamin D levels serum vitamin D levels. You know the people had like an eight percent or eightfold eight times less likely to have a severe form of Cobra nineteen and if they had and they were twenty times less likely to have critical light critic critical form of cove nineteen In the in the Philippines in the Indonesia was a really interesting study where like they measured vitamin D and this was measured in the patients. There's been some vitamin D studies. Also were there like looking at you know countries that have been affected the worse and they all like have low vitamin D. And it's like okay well anyways that's correlation but also this but a little. It's a little stronger data. The in the in Indonesia patients that died ninety almost one hundred percent. It was ninety eight point something percent of patients that died with Kobe. Nineteen we're vitamin D deficient four percent of patients that died from covert nineteen. We're vitamin D selfish. Four percent only four percent. We're fight vitamin D sufficient. So basically they're all vitamin D deficient. That are dying go crazy right and New Orleans had some crazy crazy number. Be The mechanism that would cause so. I think there's all right can we? Can we get into vitamins? It's a big. I really think of you. I take five thousand a day awesome right now. I'm taking five thousand dollars a day. you know. Seventy percent of the population has insufficient vitamin D levels which is considered less than blood levels less than thirty milligrams nanograms per milliliter. Something that you your body can generate naturally if you're exposed to on a daily basis. Yes that's the best way to get. It is but the problem is is that we don't go outside anymore and you don't exactly now more than ever terrible recipe right vitamin D deficiency is. What makes it worse and then you're staying inside. You're not getting any vitamin D. Yeah you're becoming even more deficient you know like like somewhere like twenty eight percent of the. Us population is actually deficient like less than twenty nanograms per mil. That's defined deficiency. So there's a lot of in the United States As you mentioned you make it from the Sun so particularly UV radiation. There's a reason why I want to talk about this You make it from radiation exposure. You know basically you're it's made in the skin and But you know there are certain times of the year depending on where you live and more northern latitude where you've isn't even hitting the atmosphere making vitamin D. Also if you have darker skin Melanin protects you like the whole you know people. With darker skin people From Africa or India or South Asia the more equatorial regions there. Closer closer to to to the equator. And there's more UV radiation throughout the year and so as a protective mechanism to not get burned. You Have Melanin which protects you right. The problem is is that Melanin also blocks your your ability to produce vitamin D. But if you're out in the sun all the time you know in a place where you're getting radiation. It's not a problem. Well this is the very reason why people in places like Scotland and England have such pale skin exactly cloudy all the time so your body sort of develops its own ability to absorb more vitamins. Xactly so what happens when you take what happens when you take a person from from South Asia from India from Africa and you put them in Sweden or in Minnesota or in the UK and a place where you've radiation doesn't hit most of the year and you don't give them a supplement what happens is they become severely vitamin D deficient severely. And what happens when you take? You can throw this on the you can flip. Flip this over and say okay. What happens when you take the guy from the UK the Brit and put them in Australia like without any sunscreen without a hat? Yeah so I mean. Do you think that this could be a factor in why so? Many African Americans are getting hit so far. So here's the thing so African Americans. There's lots of African Americans are are are in the United States. There's been studies. African Americans are severely deficient there twenty eight times more deficient in vitamin D than than Caucasians. And it's it's it's because it's because they have darker skin and they're not getting an upset because people stay inside more people. Stay inside you know. It's not it's not like the old days when we were out. Hunter Gatherer and out in the sun all the time where we're inside all the time we're in school. We're working officer cubicle So the CDC. Obviously there's been studies showing that African Americans are more hit but they didn't really correct for tons of lake other factors. 'cause socioeconomic status is important hell other health factors you know and But there was a big city just released not long ago from from Lake the National Office of Statistics in Britain. Or something like that. I don't know what their official name was. But they released Some statistics from England and Wales and the I don't know what the correct name to say. I mean the blacks. They're basically living in England and Wales are four times more likely to die of cove nineteen than than whites when they when they adjusted all that data for socioeconomic status and other health factors. There were two times more likely to die so clearly socioeconomic status and other health factors are playing a role but through something else unidentified and I think it's Vitamin D. I think that you know. So you know the vitamin D like it hasn't the vitamin. I'M NOT SAYING THAT. Vitamin D is going to prevent you from getting covert nineteen or its treatment although I am involved in a clinical study where we're GONNA BE TESTING US. Very Small Open Arms Study. We can talk about but you know. I'm not a physician and medical doctor. I've never intimated anyone Said don't think I'm saying that I don't want people thinking it's a treatment I just want to. It's a hypothesis that needs to be tested and thankfully there are clinical. Trials randomized controls that are now ongoing and there some that are recruiting justice. Statistics that you've already listed about vitamin D and The people who had covert nineteen. Those are saying it's and also in Sweden there's a huge population of Somalis that have migrated to Sweden and they have been identified as being severely vitamin D deficient because a lot of the Somali off. The also like like autism rates are really high there. And there's this link between published golf that between Vitamin D and autism. But so there's been studies looking at vitamin D levels in the population. I mean they're are so deficient because you're taking again. You're taking someone WHO's supposed to be. Who's evolved to be getting a lot of Sun but not burn from it and then and then putting them in a place where they can't get any vitamin D from the sun and if they don't get a supplement like they're going to be deficient so much more they're like it's wreaking havoc in Sweden on this. Molly population is so logical. Yeah it's it's and then okay so elderly elderly are like insanely more deficient. Forgot the exact number obese also obese. People are like three times more likely to be but I mean deficient in the United States because vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. And it's less. It's been shown to be fifty percent less bioavailable. So you have to after you make it in your skin it's stored in fat and released and when you know basically into the bloodstream and then it can gets converted into a hormone. This hormone regulates five percent more than five percent of the human protein encoded human genome. It's a lot of that's a it's a hormone like. Can you imagine just walking around without testosterone your man? That's a hormone. I mean like there's a lot of people that are deficient in Vitamin D. It's a steroid hormone. It gets converted into a hormone vitamin. You know it. It's important. It's really important so I went off tangent but anyways what can I ask you this boy? Where office what is what is happening to people when they are vitamin D. Like what's happening in Vitamin D deficient? What is happening in the body? That's causing their immune system this this hormone deficiency not having this vitamin d whether it's through sun exposure. There's lots of things I mean. It plays a key there's vitamin D RECEPTORS. On like your immune cells and the reason for that is because when the hormone vitamin D hormone buying stood receptor it activates all these genes the genes do stuff. That are you know regulate immune function you know. There's there's studies that have shown people and I love these studies because because they basically take away the People's complaints about you know there's lots of epidemiological studies showing that low. Vitamin D is associated with disease XYZ. And everyone's like well you know they're out in this. They're not in the sun as much so they're not as healthy. They're not as physically active. And not whatever even though those confounding factors are usually corrected for its old at the end of the association right. Everyone's like correlations station which is true. But sometimes you gotta look at the full body data. You know There are genetic polymorphism so so there are people that have variations in genes that cause them to genetically have lower vitamin D. And so this this is called Rondonia. Random Ization you can take a person. That's that has genetically like it's genetically low vitamin D. You're categorizing them based on their vitamin D levels. You're categorizing them. Based on their gene and those people are more likely to die from respiratory infections. Just based on that alone. So yeah that gene it's known to lower. It lowers vitamin leads to lower vitamin D levels. And so like those people are more likely to die from respiratory infections than people. That don't have that which it's a great way of randomized people by their genes as opposed to doing a randomized controlled trial. Those have been done as well. There was a study that was over. Twenty five randomized controlled trials. People that were given a vitamin. D Supplement varying doses. Either weekly or daily monthly. Didn't work They're the people with low baseline vitamin D level. So people that were like deficient. They were fifty percent less likely to have a respiratory tract infection if they are taking the vitamin D supplement over fifty percent actually and people that had already normal levels still had a protective effect. There's the ten percent less likely so even people that were already considered normal taking vitamin D supplements helped prevent the respiratory tract infection. You too much vitamin D. Yes you can. You can too much so right..

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