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Lebron James, Kevin Love, Steph Curry discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


Coming up tonight the nba finals tip off is the legendary golden state warriors go for their third title in four years and lebron james and is h straight finals appearance tries to play spoiler once again warriors cavs catch the action tonight seven eleven in the finals against golden state he's got a punchers chance because you know he's the best player in the world easily and if kevin love plays well and maybe somebody else starting lineup they'll have a chance here's what i don't want to hear driving home to watch game one of the finals coming up to the nba finals tip off is steph curry and kevin durant base al horford who's the biggest name in basketball if you sort by birthday cash the action carolina al horford i'm a fan of al horford good dude good player people in boston roles pushing back on him a sexy guys not overly vertical good defensive player knows how to use the body can hit a jumper i like al horford i understand these people that are rooting against history lebron against golden state you're watching history and talk about that for a hundred years the braun lost another finals he upset golden state why would i wouldn't with why why do i not want to root for history sister james the store you want you don't want to kansas you you don't want another chance at history you only live for so long on this planet any the due to you see as much history as you can my bad my bad you don't want lebron finals you want this as you drive home for game one of the finals coming up tonight the finest tip all with steph curry facing off against marcus morris who's one of the top two players in the nba from his own embryo catch the action tonight i'll take you want your i'm gonna go with golden state the current dynasty against the greatest player ever by the way i know the outcome golden state is gonna win but they're going to win against the celtics but i'm getting guys that are young and the best players are horford and they could freeze a little those young guys in the headlights and we all know what the outcome is so i'd rather have a best player against the best team.

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