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You're heading to the Jersey side, no delays on 40 to 55 or to 95 Mass transit. Hizzoner close to schedule from the cave by W. 24 Hour Traffic Center. I'm Malcolm point after the third time now for our check of weather, the forecast now from NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Crystal Clyde. Good morning. We've got cold conditions out there to start a frost advisor in place for much of the region that will lived past 8 A.m., and then we're looking at that temperature getting to 66 degrees for afternoon high. Partly cloudy conditions are expected as we go throughout the day, some high clouds building through and a little breezy as well. But overall very nice day Tonight we dropped down to 50 for forecast low, mostly dry, clear conditions and then on Monday, we do see increasing cloud coverage, turning mostly cloudy by the afternoon but warming up to a high of 70 by Tuesday we're up to 75. Partly cloudy I'm NBC. Dan first alarm meteorologist Crystal Clyde with your most accurate forecast right now in center city. It's fair conditions. 42 degrees heading up to 66. Today, The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy winter is your home prepared window nation will help you beat the cold by offering to free windows for every two you buy. Plus, get a whole house of windows installed for as low as $2 a day. +866 90 Nation or visit window nation dot com. Check back to 34 times a day depend on K Y w News radio. Three things to know what 5 15 sponsored by Oliver Heating and cooling. Mayor Kenny breaks out the veto pen to keep society Hill from having its own new set of zoning rules. Here's a puzzler. Where is the most populous house district in the U. S. Montana..

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