Manuel Noriega, Cocaine, Hugh Spadafore discussed on Imus in the Morning


The panamanian is dead at eighty three all manuel noriega has now officially become an earthly absentee once holed up in a fortress now he rock and rigor mortis asuman temperature from his pockmarked face down to his military boots so it's time to say so long man to that panamanian strongman i got them face chuck for the greatest say nato the hate is gets we ain't gonna see him nato whose at one dead dictate boos made a fortune of cocaine and more added hugh spadafore was viewed much disdain but now faces nor moreover he would just a little crazy factor most everybody could conform now it portion of the days is and serving as allucaneat buffet for all the warm he was a complicated guy said kiss my ass now we kiss goodbye manuel noriega begin to take that big eternal snows he done wearing kickabout you which is god way of saying forget about it the ultimate example of major's very similar to as i have the word various admitted to the news liberals hello well eurozone blah we'll make room for the allman brothers ooh no yeah there you go small yeah yes.

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