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Plus on the verge of a B minus because I there's so many things that they still need need to show. I'm ready to see them in action. I think the preseason games are really going to show us a lot with the corners. Don't do the same place. I'm an assembly agree with David a deep plus. I'm sorry Keep Louis C.. Plus <hes> you know the the the pedigree definitely ah better than it was a few years ago would you have you know Joe Haden afforded former number one pick and then Stephen Nelson's the big free agent signing and you know Cam Sutton's a third round pick already burns number one pick <hes> Justin Lane so I think the talent level accounts definitely there. It's just can they put it all together so I'm GonNa go with a C.. Plus until saw further notice. Let's go back to the other side of the ball. Let's talk about that running back stable. We know James Connor is number one <hes> sentiment that he is going to still be the number one guy but have maybe a few less carries not to run the wheels off from other people think that they're we're going to go ahead and just <hes> Mike Tomlin's going to do his thing and just completely <hes> deflate this running back and run them into the ground and then you bring somebody back in ring the next guy up first of all Tony you feel that's going to happen and secondly really where do these backups where these other guys fit in. I'm talking Jalen Samuels. I'm talking Benny Snow Junior who the reports are that. He looks just amazing in Camp Right now so Tony I think I don't think it's going to be like it was in years past. I think they've talked about it enough. Kevin Cobra talked about how maybe they should switch things up in that regard as far as running two wheels off a common famously said Oh seven about Willie Parker. I think James Connor provided he stays healthy. You know from all reports. He looks phenomenal as far as his physique this year I think he'll get like eighty eighty five percent of the carries but I can definitely see <hes> <hes> the other guys getting more work than they have in the past meaning the backups and as far as where they fit in I mean Jalen Samuels can do so much for you. In so many the different areas I mean he he's so versatile and he can almost be like the number two tight end in a pinch if they need them so I think he's going to be <hes> the number two because a house he performed last year but we said Benny Snell he's looks he's looked so good so far in pre in training camp <hes> I can definitely see him <unk> jumping up and taking that number two spot because I think they might need Jalen Samuels. You know it'd be another part of the offense meaning you know the passing game out of the Backfield and I think Benesch now could be more of a traditional running back as a backup Dave Scofield. There's a gun to your head and you've got to put the Kids College Fund and on one of these guys are putting on Betty stove junior or jalen samuels hello listener. I'm Sean Ramos firm host of today explained Vox Daily.

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