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The tigers i mean i think this is the most ground grounded way to bring you know mysticism to this grounded you know superhero quote unquote grounded superhero you know using the vote who aspect to you know to stock that whole thing my concern about it is that i hope that it doesn't go too long overstays welcome kaik casto's that's what these netflix shows do they stay too long with all the episodes you'll get the obligatory flashback episode yeah bushman got his powers when he was a kid yes yeah it's going to go thirteen episodes and that his hope it stays concise for all thirteen don't give a bunch of throwaway one but you to bring that up see we can even combine those those fears of this show trepidation aaron we say how the length and the mysticism both a something that didn't do it for me for the defenders man you know they brought the fighting the hand is big mystical organization in you know magical powers bringing people to live and everything which it would look concept wise that's cool but the execution they had for that the hand just wasn't a good they weren't good billons man and i'm looking at this clip is dead they were the only one with a costume crazy everybody else's all right it's got around with some oh crazy wool mart costume what's crazy wait a no wasn't ain't gotta what's the luke cage it's customs what a hoodie.

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