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Here it is and it's popped up fouling out a playoff for the left georgiou pitch low went inside wall three three to the cow blockers hit a tworun double and twice roundabout and we swing that it's a sharp ground ball foul past the phillies dug out in the first place added ricochets right over to the first basement tommy joseph still three and two to beat the blue jays this afternoon on the toyota outoftown scoreboard seven afford wrigley field another win for jake arietta and he's thirteen at eight down jae half took the loss way davis the save for the cubs spanish second three to pitch swung on and foul tipped to just got a piece of it off the catcher who stays alive three into what a game at pittsburgh the cardinals beat the pirates eleven to ten the pires had an eleven two three lead in the last of the eighth inning in pittsburgh the paris got five of the eight that ju in tonight that ended up losing by one lil france had already taken out some of their regulars in that game and then suddenly there they were in the right thing with a chance to win three to pitch swearing in a one hundred refers to tommy joseph he's got it he'll run into the bag for the out is denard's band lose over the third race dude on his buster posey's who's one for three he have a line drive the deep laugh that ended up singling right over the head of lead neil fight leftfielder reached hoskins you've been a first baseman and trying to teach in left field and he misjudged the library by buster kind of hit right adam well she takes a strike call of the outside tommy famine carpenter hit home runs and do yang also homered three home runs for st louis in that game in pittsburgh is a swing and the rest by buster strike too mm.

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