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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. I wore my biggest coach today, and it wasn't enough. I should've worn to meteorologist Ashdown Syria's here from our partners at CBS four weather. How cold is it going to stay the day Ashton? Will you know? So we got a lot of things that are gonna work to keep us coal today. There's a lot right now. It's three degrees above zero downtown as they look at the map. We seem to be the only area that's actually above zero. Downtown denver. We benefit from that little urban heat island down here just about everybody else, including every suburb is below zero this morning. It's a question of how far below zero. Fortunately, there's not a whole lot of win. But there's some at Ed is me out of DIA right now feels like minus thirteen when you factor in the wind up in Fort Collins, it feels like minus twenty five on the windshield. So obviously frigid this morning. We're only going to get up to about twenty two or so this afternoon virtually every city in Colorado will stay below freezing today. So we're all in this together. Statewide, it's cold everywhere. And by the way, officially three point one inches of snow yesterday. Most of us had more than five, but that's what they measured out at the airport tonight, clear skies won't be quite as brutal tomorrow morning, but it's still going to be brutal to for the morning temperature tomorrow tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny, high thirty eight and then for the weekend sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday, forty four Saturday thirty three on Sunday. No, big war. Up's coming anytime soon, but at least we'll get above freezing starting tomorrow, anything typical or atypical about this cold pattern wherein, you know. So February can be a pretty cold month. You know? And usually what we experienced in. February are big temperature swings. You know at a warm up. I mean, we've had highs in the seventy s in February before and then I'll get cold and warms up. So I think what is a little atypical about this particular storm is that even though the snow is now gone, the falling snow the really cold Arctic air it's going to linger for while through tonight. And then again, we got a little bit of warming going into the weekend. But no big warm up. We stay below normal.

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