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Sportswear coverage of atlanta intervals giving the media crush out of the way quickly with super bowl media night tonight the patriots have arrived in minnesota and we'll meet the media first starting at seven ten p m central time bonn by the eagles of course the pats getting a big sendoff today with a pep rally in boston nba the celtics look to continue their road trip after a loss to golden state over the weekend while the timberwolves lead the west division narain in atlanta tonight looked at turnaround a stretcher on the road that has seen losses and six of seven at coach tom tippytoe said they have to keep a team attitude first in order to win that's where you have to do and so sometimes you guys have a good match up in the looking to get him the ball sometimes you sacrifice and some minutes someone gets going the you know you you write him a little bit longer put everyone's when the team first the wolves of a tough backtoback they'll face the raptors in toronto tomorrow college news villanova remains number one of new a p top twenty five five once again five or jinya purdue ducasse fourth at michigan state moves into the top five balls xavier is six and then there's kansas that seven and mary j hawks involved in an interstate rivalry tonight kansas state the jay hawks have traditionally had the upper hand in this series head coach bill self said this is never an easy game momentum in asia in this and so uh i i see in and they got a lot to play four as well in the way great so i think it'll be the toughest atmosphere played inge patchy fog whose time is nearing its end the indians announced plans to remove the racially in section figure from their uniforms following the upcoming season arbachakov this is jim realm and i am in minneapolis for super bowl fifty to listen to the show live from radio row from twelve to three eastern right here on cbs sports radio winning like it's 1999 if only the red wings were still in the western conference so they could smash those punks.

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