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From the trump administration and immediately was Chuck Ross I think of the daily caller ID said we mean part as was calling it was was advocating through sworn testimony already the removal of your bondage and that was coming from the Ukrainian government right it's in that was way before anything to do with with with trump so use you start you start doing the cross examination and everything falls apart so I don't see a great deal of need to go through more the minutia on it unless there's an allegation that somebody says well this one sticks and as you know both of those stories really died by the time we got to you know to yesterday because again with the old with the you know that you will still have with senators and members of Congress still say well I broke the law because of the GAO and then leave out the fact well it's actually a a political civil violation that that number one every president does including Obama got burned on it but he get burned out it this is the only president they're trying to burn out it yeah right exactly but he he was accused by it it's not a court of law it is the accounting branch of Congress that the accounting branch of Congress does what is looking to protect Congress it's not law enforcement it's not the Attorney General and and again as we've talked about you know before there are remedies because of the realization that even though Congress does appropriate money there are times when the president and by the way here's the other thing was brought up the president didn't break the law because the money was appropriated when it was supposed to be appropriated right so the fact that you were saying you were going to hold up the aid but never did and it was granted what three weeks before the date were it had to be given to them you can't even make the case by the GAO that he broke the law hello no but it was almost because he said it and they didn't approve you know they they approved it before they had to allocate it but because he said mom we need that we need to look into this and see whether we're going to do this or not he allocated the money yes they got they they they got the money and they got it before the Appropriations state you can't even make that particular case so as we've said it starts out yesterday and I probably got by the time I woke up I was busy after just a ton of different things but it has a bunch of things and trying to get done around the house some contractors over and everything else and and and so I really did start paying attention when I checked Bob probably about one in the afternoon when I really started paying attention home bush my friends text to me what's going on with this law breaking and I went and religious as soon as I saw it I went wait a minute this is this isn't the Democrats they're not going to win this one by the time we get to the end of the day now now it's it it over and over again it was like it was a bomb shell Thursday and how many times we've seen that somebody who wrote that was it red state somebody wrote maybe made was a federalist I don't know but it was it was like everything's a bomb shell but nothing ever is right it's always a bomb shell until cross examination and then a dice well the point is thing all of it yes all of it you know the the story the you know the here's here's the headline from the hill Pompeii under pressure over threats to your bondage all right eight they basically what they're saying is is there's pressure on the secretary state to reveal what he knew about any threats to the personal safety the former US ambassador to Ukraine Ivanov itch following allegations that associates of Rudy guiliani surveilled the career diplomat as they pushed for her removal now they were saying that that they were tracking her while she was in Ukraine so the state department according to sources here on this hill story said okay we'll we'll brief brief the senators are bold offered to brief them on what we have what we know but it makes it sound like the hill the hill in their headline made it sound like it was Pompeii threatening Ivanov itch they're throwing all the every enemy inside the beltway that the president has and that's a lot of them the growing everything and how many how many things just dissolve the moment you start reading into the story I mean get halfway through the store and it's already done we had said this when in in when the impeachment thing I think it was early October and we told everybody we said look there's gonna be accusations flying left and right on this yes just like in Russia collusion right and we we I don't think it was it wasn't a warning we just advised and said look we've been through this you know back in October was approaching three years we've been through this we know the pattern the accusations com the hyperbole from the Democrats rises to a new level of all my god we got him this time yes the partner's interview see that on got record ratings for rates right Matt Allah right seven million or something people watch certain well they're gonna be deflated again right because there's nothing there and they keep doing this over and over and over again now for three years in two weeks they've been doing it and we just said look you got to sit back you got to start you know we you you dissect what they say in the allegations that are made and when you do that every time over the last since January of twenty seventeen every time we've done that we have found out what there's either nothing there or when we investigate further we find out that those making the allegations were actually involved in those type of activities that they are accusing the president of Iraq just the opposite right so we said don't ride this roller cold and I understand why because like I said when I woke up immediately I was dealing with contractors and when I check my phone all these things from broke the lock from bumper on like whoa because you want to go and go okay let me look at this on what and when I saw what it was or my there's nothing here now this is implements closet this is the end it was almost it was almost done Eric no it is not really it's it's well it's childish yes yeah I mean it really is it's the equivalent of your kids sitting in the backseat you know screaming mom he's touching me mom he's pointing is putting his finger in my face mom mom I mean seriously that's what the left sounds like look he said something look see he said something what do you mean by that we're going to take the transcript and we're going to tear it apart we're going to be piece by piece put together his intent let me ask you this question because I look they're committed to this strategy let's say that that in in the the Saturday before how unbelievable further in the Monday February third the trial ends let's say that you know they've they've fast track this saying work weekends and everything else right and it ends in the president gives his warring state of the union address yeah and by the way if that does happen I don't think this president will not mention the impeach fall now if I could give all of us and so he will claim it as a victory as he will talk about I believe that if you if you can if you wish to see our lips look and and I'm gonna call this legitimate self promotion of the president right because if there ever a time to brew speak to the American people about what you have accomplished you SMCA China deal while the Democrats were involved in this fake impeachment I wouldn't be surprised if words like that were actually in the state of the union address they're going to have to do something it starts all over again I don't know what the investigation is going to be next time but it's going to start all over again I would not be surprised if they say we're gonna start another impeachment well you know what's going to happen on state of the union right dance is gonna say she's going to withhold her official invitation until she sees the actual address it must not include in we're good he would you know you were no that's gonna have to attempt to control the present state of the union address that until I see and try to control the Senate I know a month no Democrat will show unless we can guarantee that impeachment will not be part of the president's state of the union and Dr will not issue my official invitation wow could you imagine that that's that would even be better follow my if the Democrats decided not to show up to the state of the union because they knew the president was going to brag like crazy about how he has been exonerated and he has been acquitted of the false charges of that they're not going to want to sit in the state of the union now no then he then he announces a prime time address but he doesn't do it from the oval office he tells it from a rally all my gosh please make that happen please make that happen you know they did what we said a few days before they did it you should do an impeachment rally in the dead remember his means which means he'll do an act he will do an acquittal yes for alcohol no doubt no doubt think about that eat if you seriously for whatever date whatever there be in February mmhm you your you know your of your acquitted you give the state of the even if it goes on for three four weeks of its later on February and you you give the state of the union address which I believe you should give during the impeachment you wait till it's over five and I've I've I I well I'm not gonna say the White House will do they're not I don't know but that thing that's what they should do and then for the next week or two weeks you do ten rallies and you're out some more every everywhere single day could you turn it into a block grant campaign season when you start out with the state of the state of the union address and with her people say well he made it like a campaign rally talked about all those accomplishments yeah that's what presidents do they don't act like they they they don't the whole point of it yet they don't presidents I talk about the state of the union they said let's see what is what they've what they've done to help or they don't talk about how they've heard the state well it wasn't were bad so if he ever became president we're all going to go on and I would just say this the state of the union is not strong my friends for Dr Mathew forgive me I I'm so under qualified forgive me for my white news yes I promise to get better I promise to get better you know that would be his speech you want to get in on the fun eight six six ninety right I tips from JJ Keller and associates incorporated on preparing for twenty twenty check your P. 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