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Giving you the headlines three you nine hundred seventy two hundred. But we're asking talk basketball as the breaking news that Magic Johnson is out as the president of operations. I can't think of a better guess to have in studio to talk basketball. Brandon Robinson is here. He will join us right after the news, which just remarkable timing. Yes. Hey, Chicago, remarkable timing. All these thoughtful big cerebral questions about basketball and Magic Johnson's out. So it's perfect. We'll just talk about Magic Johnson. That's all good. Yeah. So never though moment with the Lakers this season. It's it's surprising. I guess as their season over or are they just made this announcement game before. So basically, the Magic Johnson who was the president of basketball Angeles. Lakers did not want to tell Jeanie Buss that he wanted to step down as president of baseball operations and had a over forty minute presser before game. And so I was at the United Center came over here and kind of been checking in with some folks, my league sources and basically boils down to head coach Luke Walton who has a very good relationship with the bus family Jeanie Buss former Laker was drafted actually ever leave in two thousand three the same draft. Lebron James was drafted it. And there's just this disparity of what's next and coaching process the pressure. You know, Magic Johnson said that he would step down. I think after year two of this project. If it didn't go down the way, he thought it would and a little premature. We'll get all of that. And we'll talk more about that coming up right after the headlines which are sponsored by Kars for Kids. Here's Andrea darlas. Chicago's historic. Johnson publishing company has filed for bankruptcy this afternoon. The company published some of the country's most recognizable African American magazine, including ebony and jet magazines, both were sold in twenty sixteen. A congressional hearing on online hate turned into a vivid? Demonstration of the problem when a YouTube livestream, the proceedings was bombarded with racist and antisemitic comments YouTube disabled, the live chat section of the streaming video about thirty minutes into the hearing and the year old man charged with lying to the feds about being Timothy pits. Missing Aurora boy will continue to be held without by a US magistrate considers it Brian Rini is a flight risk charge last week after DNA tests proved that he was not Pinson, traffic, sports and weather next on WGN. Link and they're going to find out who they are without us over more. Recent we come to West Virginia,.

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