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Extraordinary move by texas democrats to fight back against republicans assault on democracy in that state democratic state. Senator carol alvarado stood on the senate floor and spoke for fifteen hours without any breaks to block the chamber from passing. It's voter suppression bill. Here's what she said in the closing. Where all the so called fraud. The people are still waiting for someone to actually demonstrate real evidence of fraud. Where does it end today. It says p. one tomorrow be some other manufacturers crisis to justify the systematic chipping away our voting rights and little by little every session. We just keep chipping away. To one day we wake up and realize our democracy is recognized. A was it fifteen hours of talking on the senate floor to try and hold back the damage that republicans were doing senate. Republicans rammed through their restrictions. Anyway the bill is now stalled in the texas house thanks to the democrats denied republicans. The quorum needed to pass it for the third time. The texas house democrats are facing arrest for their continued refusal to return to the chamber. The house sergeant at arms has been going door to door. Issuing civil arrest warrants. Today house speaker dade falen spokesperson told. Nbc news that the sergeant arms deputized members of texas law enforcement to assist in rounding up the texas democrats and bring them to the chamber. More than forty of the texas democrats tried to fight those arrest warrants in court and now the end lacey is calling on the justice department to investigate whether these warrants violate the civil rights of the texas democrats joining us now derrick johnson. The president and the ceo of the n. double. Acp derek. good to see you again. Thank you for being with us. Let's talk about this philosophically. The the idea that these texas democrats are holding up this vote they have left in. Some cases left the state in order to stop something that they say is unconstitutional because it will take away. Voting the ability to vote from people and for that they are being threatened with arrest by the governor and the sergeant at arms seems very determined interested in actually having them arrested. Tell me what your thoughts are on this As if you decide. I'm not gonna work today. i don't feel good at all. Mike values that's been held there. I'm not coming and msnbc symbol enforcement to your house to say no you're gonna come to the studio hold you captive until you interview. Guest is outrageous is a form of intimidation. That's what we're asking the justice department to to look into what other night. This is even legal. I commend the members of the texas house representative. I commend those centers in the state senate who stood there for fifteen hours. I know senator royce west. I was organizing for the sitters leave. They felt too short a denying a quarter in the senate. We must continue to fight and fight because the rights of individuals are state and quite frankly. The quality of our constitution is being challenged by individuals. Who want to see january six payout over and over the denial of the peaceful transfer power in the inability of individuals be deemed legitimate citizens by being able to cast ups. Let's divide how this is breaking down. Texas is the epicenter right we. It's the place we are focused on. We know that there's not sets in arizona and michigan and pennsylvania and georgia but texas is where the energy is focused on the resistance to one of these state laws. A plate of straight state laws that would reduce voting rights. Then we've got the united states senate. That's now talking about two different bills. One of which mansion is on board. Four one which reverend warnock is is working to get going. You've got the summer of action in which you're seeing a number of people get arrested reminiscent of the sixties faith leaders and protesters and you've got the president. The texans have said we need the senate and we need the president to do something. We cannot hold out forever. One day they will arrest us one day. We'll have to go home. What have you heard from the president and from joe mansion and others. That gives you some sense that this might end the right way. But i'm concerned that we have not put the same level of priority ramp The rights of citizens to fully engage in our electric. This is not about partisanship. This is about supporting it. Upholding the constitution. I am concerned as we celebrate the huge infrastructure package. It we should. We should commend administration for that but we also recognize particular africa humidity that the new deal policies as great a piece of legislation. They were all of. Those legislation created structural barriers for african americans. So as we celebrate on one side we recognized unless and until this administration the senate prioritize access to voting protecting our right to vote. We will fall behind as a nation. We will offer behind as a community so i don't get into the conversation which vehicle should be used or what procedure should be moved away in it done tech the rights of voters the flu participate in the upcoming elections. They're good to see you again as always thank you for joining us sir. Derek johnson is the president of the nwea. Double acp. Coming up republican. Lawmakers in tennessee are asking.

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