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78 in Columbia at 1 11. Election 2020 here on W GOP with Kamala Harris had to become the nation's next vice president. She's bringing a lot of first to the office, the first black woman first person of South Asian descent to become vice president. She is also the first woman just period and and her husband is the 1st 2nd man. Eugene Scott, Washington Post political reporter says the election shows that for many who showed up to the polls, there was a deep desire. Among many who went to vote this election day to see their representation in Washington reflect the population. More generally, she's also the first to have attended and historically black University or college graduating from Howard in D. C. In 1986. She will also be the first member of a black sorority Alfa Kappa Alpha to assume the job. Mike Murillo. W T. O p NEWS reaction. Vice President elect Kamala Harris is projected victory has been pouring in from Howard University, where Harris was a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority or sorority sisters. Tell w t O p that the moment is historic and inspiring, including Pamela to Harris, who actually watched Harris pledge this moment to me is really hard to describe. Hard to put into words. But earlier today I just tried to express through my tears that it was joy relief Hope. And Just A chance for my Children, Tohave, you know a humane opportunity in life. All right. We continue our coverage. Now with Daniel Lippman. He covers the watch Washington I should say, and the White House for Politico and Daniel, Welcome back in. What are you hearing this afternoon about some people in President Trump's inner circle and maybe those near the first lady urging him to to say something that that suggests that he is ready to step away. January 20th. Yeah. So you don't often see Melania Trump urge her husband through and throw that howl on something. She didn't do that directly, but its first familiar with her conversations with hand leaked that CNN on DH, So it's an indication that they feel like the walls are kind of closing in and that they don't have good prospects. And that To the segment dignity on the country that Trump should say he accepts the election results even if he doesn't formally concede the police so that he's not gonna fight this. So. Meanwhile, the president has final to a bunch of lawsuits. There's a timeline here that need needs to be considered correct, cause we have a transition of power. Can you tell us something? Anything additional about the timeline of those of those lawsuits? Yeah, so the, um it's have to sort of other results in the next few weeks on DSO. And then the people have are pictures, electors for the electoral college. And so this this whole process of the next two months or so a Sze yu know they formally choose the president. And so you know, the last of its kind of have a time. Ending component where you can't find lost it after the election results have them certified by skates. And so there's a lot of pressure on a campaign to kind of wrap them up. It doesn't show that they're having much success. And so you know, Pennsylvania and should get in Wisconsin. They're all you know, little one Democrat. Daniel Lippman. There he was live with us from politico. He covers both Washington and the White House, and we very much appreciate the update. Daniel. Jenny? Yeah, it's 1 15, now two separate head on crashes in Montgomery County have left two people fighting for their lives today. What happened on New Hampshire Avenue near Crest Haven drive yesterday afternoon to passengers were injured and taken to the hospital. One after one of those cars called fire. One person was suffering from life threatening injuries. The other had critical injuries. Another head on crash happened at 4 30 this morning on old Columbia Pike near must grow road. One person had to be cut from the car to others taken to the hospital with serious injuries and Of those crash victims is suffering from life threatening injuries. We will keep you updated on how the Washington football team is doing early on against the Giants. Next the following is a paid commercial message..

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