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Way we've been talking about that number one number two uh there is there hasn't been a a studied a martyr the terrorists who have gone into ramallah and blow themselves up by the way did not they are not considered a suicide bombers 'cause suicide in islam is against us again as against laureates against islamic law if you commit suicide you're not buried in the stomach cemetery so you have to be a a uh homicide bomber not a suicide bomber let's get it through someone's thicket number two so you don't you haven't seen anyone going into the city of ramallah which is in the palestinian authority and blowing himself up orange noon and blowing himself up you have to go into into israel proper to blow up murder people there and number two is that the person who does this already knows that there are two family health it's not that old sentence a surprise to the family that that person the the military's comey in the now destroying the the person who blew himself up no that these are the consequences if you murder people i there this is the consequences by the way there is no death penalty if a terrorist hurts so it doesn't doesn't i do know that he cannot be punished by death there's no death penalty for terrorism in israel were tried thing should be changed but that i know that's a long holiday done by gripe dennis there are two sides of the matter it's okay so might my statement to this committee is up second why only stop with caterpillar we have between technology and health there was so many different companies that have produce that are being produced a they'd have to stop using this for example pentium and so law the laurent computer processor chip yup for personal computers in the network these weren't developed and many many of them were developed and manufactured in israel uh let's see besides that i i there's a list here of so you want to boycott israel is a list of products and services he needs to stop with and there's a whole list on the web i give it one example of which really got it was interesting is that this is simply for the people in the portland they'd love this one to not by an electric car as it is likely to.

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