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Thanks for staying on board. John mcginnis with your NewsRadio KFC K talk. How the have all things the Oscars the Academy Awards. Did you watch are you inclined to watch you? Enjoy movies is a fair question to what movies are good. What are the movies that you like oftentimes critically acclaimed or did you find the contrary? I I did get a note from goaty who says the reason why people watch was because Queen and at Queen. That's that's a group and Adam Lambert sang also, Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga sang together. Both of those were excellent. Okay. Well. I'm in the dark on that too. But I want to get your thoughts. I'm getting a thumbs up from somebody who is there the teddy Cataldo kitty on you'll just walked in. And she was there and and enjoyed it. I trust. Yeah. Well, most of it, you know, I don't I don't buy into the whole thing. But there's parts of it that I like the musical performances. The opening I thought was refreshing. And I loved lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, do really. That was the highlight of the show for me is beautiful. So do you think that might be enough to increase the viewership was up by three million people, maybe possibly for the music? Yeah. I can see it. I mean, I'd rewatch that. That's how much I liked it. Right. Yeah. Well, there you have it right there. Well, I, and of course, I remain vulnerable people. I get the impression that they feel is I'm critical of people who like it. I'm not at all if you enjoy it. That's wonderful. There are things I like that other people don't and I get this t- to each their own. Let's get your calls nine one six nine to one fifteen thirty eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty also wanna get at some point. I wanna talk kinda on a completely different matter of how chaos can come out of matters of law in particular where there's court decisions that seem to put things in conflict. We'll talk about that as it relates to to property taxes and other local taxes that's coming up. So, but in the meantime, we've got people that have been holding. Let's let's give them the respect of getting on the air. Let's check in with Frank in Orangeville Frank good afternoon. Welcome to the conversation. Thank you for holding on. Thank you. Don, Shirley, was an innovator and the point is. Provide came out of what we would call modern jazz Dixieland, jazz blues and modern jazz came out after that. And. My mom was a piano player, and she could do the same thing. You gotta excuse me. But I I don't know who Don Shirley is. What does that is that one of these movies featured on Shirley? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And he was like I said he was an innovator and jazz is not constricted to specific notes. You know, like Beethoven Brahms, that's all cut and dried you played the same way every time you play it modern jazz. And then it became what we would call gas today is that it it's playing differently. Every time the songs were played is. Okay. So so there's a component to the movie separate and apart from the race relations message that with you found interesting as well is that accurate? That's true. He was he was really liked in Europe. He was more popular in Europe than he was in America. I think in America in the sixties. There was still just white black thing. Yeah. And unfortunately, but he was tremendous player, and I got an album of his and finally my dad said would you take that thing out into the patio room to play because I played it so many times and drove my dad crazy. Well, there's a good perspective on it as I was unaware of the story. But I gotta say as I read a little bit about it today. It's it does sound like a very good stories. And I understand why it may get being client to be recognized as it was last night. So again, I guess there's a question Mark with regard to the behavior of Spike Lee. And I know nothing about his movie, and I know nothing about him. I don't know these people, so, but, but I do know sportsmanship, and I do know dignified behaviour versus rude behavior. And so the whether the whether he felt this movie was was worthy of his recognition or not. I think you should have behaved differently. Good call though, Frank. Appreciate it very much. Let's check in with Louis in east Sacramento Lewis. Good afternoon. Welcome to the conversation. Thank you for holding on. Hello, Louis, Louis. We're looks like we're connected. How about Cheryl and Auburn Cheryl good afternoon? Welcome to the conversation. Hi, how are you Riddick? Thanks. How're you doing? Good. So I'm a local actress, and you would think that I would be really really super excited to watch the Academy Awards. But I am not I wasn't. I didn't I launch have you ever? Oh, yeah. I used to all the time. I loved it and being an acting. I mean, it it just it interesting to watch the films that get the awards the actors that can actresses stick at the awards, but over the years because I also which these two things don't really actually next, but I am conservative even though I am an actor. And it's just gotten way too political. It's just taking the enjoyment out of it. They've used it as a platform to say their personal whatever's going on in their personal beliefs for in the world of politics has just turned me off. I don't even watch it in and I can see if you have. A story that's been told. And and there's a a sensitive critical component to that story, and perhaps the actor or the director, whomever has has a lot of life experience at it. How it may may cause them to take it beyond the the limits of their ad the bounds of their acting. But you made the observation that it's that it's that you're you're out of the norm because you're an actor that that is conservative. I it seems to me if a person performs a task whether it's acting or or putting a baseball out of the park or moving a football down the field or putting a basketball hoop. Whatever the case may be or building a better widget, your political ideology shouldn't come into play. And I think you have absolutely no then don't use that as an excuse to. I don't care what your political beliefs. Are I've watched you because you were in this movie that I like. Yeah. Yeah. Like a getting up. Yeah. Doctor of the year award while he's up there. He decides he's going to let everybody know his political beliefs. I don't share your you weren't award because you're a good doctor. And you think about some of these actors who have taken a hard position on things about which they know nothing in the might even if there may be cases where I be inclined to agree with him on something nonetheless, they don't have the expertise when you're talking about climate science, for example, if you're a really good actor, and you make people laugh or cry or put them in fear by virtue of your talent, your art on the stage or on the screen good for you. But that does not do anything to enhance your knowledge about climate change or or the economy or any number of things have become critical in terms of public policy, and politics and just one more thing, and this is political. But I'm I'm just going to say it, anyway, these actors that are very well known that are, you know, they they're. Against having a while. But yet they live behind the four, of course, this and I'm like, oh my gosh. How hypocritical are you? That's a classic example. And and by the way, the same thing is true about people who are in a position I understand what their with their fame and notoriety they do need to have security, but they have an abundance of armed security, and they're opposed to the idea of ordinary citizens exercising their second amendment rights. They don't think people should have that opportunity. And that that's that has been a I think there are a number of examples where that dust has taken place and the the lack of sincerity. That that's displayed by those kinds of behaviors when yes, I've got big walls and alarm systems around my home, and I'm I have armed guards to take me from one place to another and but the rest of the world is not entitled to that. That's absolutely as flawed logic. And I think it goes back to a feeling of entitlement and a feeling of of really truly applying greater import to your trade than is deserved. If you're if you're an actor. We'll tell you what you do is nice. It'd probably bring satisfaction to you. And people who watch you do what you do. Good for you. That's wonderful. But but that that trade that art that that ability is not going to make a major change in the world is not going to cure diseases. It's not going to bring a problem to bring an end rather to to a problem that has been existing for years. So don't overinflate you're I'm not bike sharing. You obviously, I I sense. You have a clear understanding of that. But I think so many of them believed that. Because they're who they are. They should be the subject of greater belief and greater impact when they share their message. So appreciate appreciate the call Cheryl very much, and it's good to get the perspective of somebody who's who's at least tangentially in the business, and and not inclined to watch the the Oscars for some very good reasons. We'll be back with more conversation after this gonna talk a little bit about what happens when the court send a conflicting message to the public, especially when it has to do with the topic like taxation, what are the local officials to do. That's coming up. Right after this information.

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