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That's my entire crew and cast but um when we made the movie uh you know we were shooting in serbia and we had a very strict limitation on how many people we can bring to the from the states or even from london so we literally ran out of englishspeaking serbian people actors to be in the film so we need in it guy and i couldn't have a guy who's like well my servers are down y'all deuba 300 in not like i needed i needed someone who's going to be that typical american jewish bag and i can only think of one person owed vaguely aware totally out of necessity it was fine i'll do it it really wasn't excuse to just hang out with my two favorite people in the world steven in samara and also have a great porn stash on film all right so so let me let me ask the the first of the former well guess what how did the script come so as its matai screw so wrote the script so how did this come to you we know that that you'll at seeing you want to win the script landed on my desk right rose times no one has a desk open sorry boobs one has again save if you can't say a dj their word for a long battle after you've seen about five hundred of the fbi was happening in the exact i think i've top donna the day of the dead for the amount of up arms but when when i got this script i was literally it literally landed on my desk in a cubicle in a corporate job that's exactly what happened i was working way during the equator debts insane twoway when did this when did it happened like when did the script actually come on joe you know that the days element deals on residual oils and you know three projects right now those are all gone like and i'm a working class filmmaker and this is more a hobby than it is something that i can sustain myself so you know when i have these productions i treat them like it's like heaven it's like summer camp it's like but the way that the.

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