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Down. The disappearance of gabby petito traveled through the country with her fiance before he returned home to florida without her but before we get too far into that just reminder to head over to that strange dot net and check out all of our social media stuff and also things that chad has written. And i don't know just because because you want to because you wanna book market and you want to make it a favorite anyone add it to your home screen on your phone so that you can easily tap it and and get right. Get right to the website. That's that's what you wanna do yet. They're out there that's it that's what you wanna do. You wanna do that. And then i don't know what the the icons going to look like but it sure will be should be a good time. I don't know maybe actually this is a this is a decent point since we're since we're just gonna go ahead in Should we state. This is going to be relatively From the hip style. Oh yeah. I mean yeah okay. So you got if you if you've listened to our show before you know that we typically have a lot of structure and we have written down. We have an outline. We have things we go over and in this particular case this. This whole thing is really raw. It's really knew the. There's still stuff happening if you if you don't know about it already you're probably living under a rock but If you're not patrick star then we wanna make sure that we're giving you as much information as we possibly. Just silly i know in the reality is like i said this is a brand new thing. We don't even know everything we're not going to sit here and try to try to say that it's one thing or another we just wanna talk about it Because we do think the events of this kind of fall in line with things that we typically cover so we just wanted to get on here and and maybe have like a little bit of a discussion about it where we stand with it. You know what we think about the different events and then we'll leave it to you to make your decision before the courts of america or frankly. Darwin makes his decision so You know we'll get right into it. So gaby petito man. There's a lot here so chad. You wanna give us like a like even like a. I don't know bullet point breakdown of of what's going on here. Yeah yeah definitely so Gabby petito who like ryan said if you haven't heard of yet you're living under a rock patrick star. Donahue patrick star is but i don't need the starfish. Spongebob squarepants. i kinda thought that's what it was dropping. Spongebob reference on the episode. But here we are is that is that that cartoon from nickelodeon you stop lying. Your i don't think i did. Actually i did. I'm just joking with you. Okay what were you watching. Rocco's modern life or something. Yeah his life way and rocket power which was due to winter. Actually or is a winner. This derailment of our sexual rate by it's worth it because i just got We just got paramount plus. And oh man yeah. It's all on their dude. It all out there if you have paramount because they own they own own turner broadcasting new that. They've got all of it. All the rocket powers are on there..

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