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Bozeman an art director at the Martin Agency in Richmond Virginia. Let's start the show right so tell us who you are and what you do high so my name is Ashley Bozeman. I N an art director here at the mortgage interest located in Richmond Virginia. So as far as like title magical roles so basically I were in the creative department added creative Ad Agency. I'm usually paired with a copywriter and together. We are the ones who were briefed and tasked to basically come up with ideas for campaigns commercial. Social Coast really anything. You can think it's our job to basically come up with that creative idea. And then specifically as art director at my job to rematch like visually. So how does that look? Who is being represented you know? What a colored choices where the style choices cinematographer no working with directors and things like that but we basically just. We're the ones who control. Everything looks whereas partners on our copywriters. They're the ones who control the tone of voice and what that sounds like and scripts and things like that so together. We're the ones kind of The big brains behind You'll see on TV as far as like commercials and things like that is sounds like your work is a lot of against like meetings and sort of heads down work sessions Yes definitely a lot of meetings but it's also a lot of consenting so it's just like. I was briefed earlier today. We'll get a brief and then on you know. Look at our calendars hanging time. Report like two or three hours on on our schedules. And then we'll just find room in the office and literally. Just sit by ideas that are large. Kinda lost the that? We're not sure clients whatever even by or do and Ideas that also fit the brief exactly so we basically will just kind of get together. Just kind of brainstorm different ways. We can kind of find the best solution for that..

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