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Dot com here is John Aaron and thanks for taking me along with you this morning it's getting easier for some residents to learn about the impact of the pandemic all around them thanks to a new website because county residents can use the new site to see the latest on everything from coronavirus hospitalizations and the rate of cases based on zip codes to age and racial groups impacted by the virus it also outlines whether cases are growing or slowing down the new site found on the county's home page is intended to show the extent of the outbreak and highlight areas where there may be disparities health officials say it's also about protecting patients privacy the site is updated daily but anyone with questions should contact their health department Melissa Howell WTOP news some health experts are now worried about quarantine fatigue The Washington Post says it comes after researchers tracking smartphone data found that for the first time since states began implementing stay at home orders in mid March Americans are staying home less the week of April thirteenth appears to have been a tipping point as loneliness and isolation continued to mount and balmy spring temperatures also probably drew people out though the change was slight experts say any increase in travel is premature when staying home remains the most effective way to limit the spread of the virus until widespread testing and contact tracing become available everyone is wondering what life will be like after things re open one of the many things that's likely to be very different is the experience of going to church the Reverend Thomas Reese a Jesuit priest has been thinking specifically about Catholic masses in the mechanics of the Sunday Eucharist with the priest puts a communion host into someone's hands are on their tongue and then there's communion wine the sharing of the Cup it's not going to be possible at least not the way the Catholic store where we have one cop and people come up and take a sip from it one idea with people sitting in appropriate distance apart is to put on consecrated host at that spot the priest consecrate the host during mass but the congregants handling them at their seats which would also eliminate the communion line where social distancing would be a big problem a big change but we can learn how to do this sandy because L. W. T. O. P. news there are a hundred seventy one new coronavirus cases in DC bringing the total number of cases almost thirty seven hundred a hundred sixty five residents have died Maryland reports eleven hundred fifty new cases bringing the state total to over seventeen thousand seven hundred the state is seen eight hundred seventy five confirmed and probable covert nineteen cases and Virginia has added seven hundred seventy two cases of corona virus bringing the total number of cases to over twelve thousand the state has recorded four hundred thirty six deaths more than eighteen hundred people have recovered from the illness in Maryland and DC Virginia doesn't release that recovery information while social distancing one local woman has found a way to comfort others through special daily concerts from her porch every afternoon at one on the corner of thirty fourth and told in streets and mount Ranier Jody beater captures not only the attention of her neighbors than that of the world a professional cellist she started the concerts in her neighborhood as a way to provide a little cheer and musical breaks during the corona virus pandemic but her music can now be heard beyond her porch her husband former state delegate Jimmy Tarlow started live streaming the concerts on Facebook and they quickly took off she was even featured by the NFL this weekend talking about the importance of playing music through the crisis as part of a program to raise funds for those on the frontlines Valerie bonk WTOP news plan to expand Arlington National Cemetery to add much needed burial space is being given the green light the Arlington County Board approved a plan to open up land south of the existing cemetery by closing realigning and re locating roadways the plans include the realignment of Columbia pike ahead after traffic and weather what to make of numerous reports about the health of north Korea's dictator it's eight oh seven our unique time in Washington.

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