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From the view of a fourteen year old kid now news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Jack sphere. The Trump administration is taking a wait and see attitude as it tries to craft our response to the killing of US based journalist by Saudi Arabian forces NPR's, Scott Horsely reports presidential adviser Jared Kushner said today, the White House is still trying to learn all the facts surrounding the death of journalist Jamal kashogi a Saudi consulate in Turkey three weeks ago. President Trump told the Washington Post there's been quote deception and lies in the Saudis explanation for kashogi Steph. But the administration has not yet decided what if any action to take in response, Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law appeared to defend the Saudis during a CNN forum saying they've been strong US allies in a fight against terrorism. And Iran, once we have all the facts, then we'll make an assessment, but I think that our administration's made a lot of gains in our fight against terrorism. We have to deal with the long-term ideology of extremism and Saudi Arabia. A critical partner in that. Kushner says the administration has its eyes open as it sift through competing accounts of Jesus death. Scott Horsely NPR news. The White House administration did announced today. It's deployed CIA director Gina hospital the Turkey to work on the investigation into kashogi staff. President Trump is campaigning for Republican candidates and taxes today, including his former presidential rival Senator Ted Cruz as NPR's. Wade Goodwin tells us voter turnout is heavy on the first day of early voting. Just two weeks before the midterms thousands of people have waited in line to vote in Houston. Austin San Antonio and Dallas Fort Worth although the lines are long voters generally report, they have been moving pretty well as state and local officials had -ticipant at a highly motivated electorate, nevertheless extra staff have been dispatched to some heavily burdened locations officials predict the number who cast ballots on this first day of early voting may well break all time records, some voters were heard exclaiming the line was too. Log and that they would come back another day. The marquee matchup is El Paso, congressman Beto or work versus incumbent. Ted Cruz for his US Senate seat. Wade goodwin. NPR news, Dallas..

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