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More of a receiving type back. And again, you're not expecting to hit with these picks here, but in Evans mock draft, he's only picking players. He thinks has a chance of making the team. So again, you're looking at life after James White. I don't think they've got it on the roster right now. So that is a that is an area you're going to need to replace at some point. Yes. So you look at the stuber from Michigan first. First of all, they hit a home run. We all think at least with Michael and Wendy from Michigan, right? Same program, same coaching staff. You grab another big, there's a tackle prospect on when you look at as an interior offensive line prospect. Stupor plays right tackle for Michigan. He's 6 four, 6, 5, 330 pounds. A big, big, big boy. Really move people off the line of scrimmage. That's the type of guy that in the past, you know, Trent Brown, Michael on we know these types of players. The patrons developed those guys pretty well. They do a good job now if Matt Patricia's coaching the offensive line, I'm not sure. It's going to be the same type of development, but they usually do pretty well with those big tackles with the big offensive lineman and getting their techniques sound enough in their foot speed sound enough with the hills and all that kind of stuff with their conditioning program to get something out of those guys. So I like steuber. I like CJ riddell. From Oregon. I think the one thing that you have to look at with the running back position is you got to start talking about the next James White. Who's the receiving back of the future? You know they have the early down back world covered with Damien Harris and reminders Stephenson. But who's the next guy to be on third down to be in the passing game? Videl really good lateral quickness, really good balance. It catches the ball, doesn't fight it. If somebody that looks like a natural in the receiving game, natural and space with the football on his hands, to me that's another one of those picks that you got to look down the road a year or two and say, okay, we need somebody that is going to be the next James White. I think CJ rodel's got that kind of potential might go a little bit earlier than the 7th round depending on how he works out here in the circuit. But I think that they might be able to get them there. All right, so that's mock draft one. When's the next one do?.

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