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Cloudy. We'll talk about the upper seventies this afternoon in midtown macular meteorologist John Feerick on New York's weather Station. 10 10 Wins wins News Time at 2 33 know the people of Australia do not live in forest cities and do not have exploding trees. The Austrian government is speaking out to correct President Trump, who made that assertion during a Fox News interview on Tuesday. He was talking about the wild fires out West and forest Management. In an article today in the London based Independent Austria's Agriculture minister noted that Austrians are blessed with a healthy sense of humor, and said They'd normally takes such cliches about their country and stride. However, he went on to say the gravity of the current life and death events make the president's words, quote muchmore worrying. In the 2020 raise. The president will be back on the stump later today. Here's correspondent Karen Travers President Trump Heads to Wisconsin tonight for a campaign rally at an airport hangar. The event kicks off a three day campaign swing for the president, Wisconsin tonight Minnesota Friday and North Carolina on Saturday. A new poll from ABC News in The Washington Post shows Joe Biden with a 50 to 46 advantage. In Wisconsin. President Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 by fewer than 23,000 votes out of three million cast. Show a very tight race. Joe Biden today was to go online for a virtual lunch that was a private meeting with Senate Democrats. Later he will travel to his childhood home of Scranton P A for tonight's Town Hall on CNN. Another memoir from former President Obama. A promised land will be published shortly after the election on November. 17th Crown Publishing says this will be the first of two volumes. It will cover the former president's early political life, his 2008 presidential campaign and then up until the death of Osama bin Laden. In 2011. $300,000 that is the reward now for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman who shot to Los Angeles County deputies last week. This happened outside a train station in Compton, a 24 year old officer who suffered wounds to his forehead and forehead, arms and hands. That is is out of the hospital. But not yet out of the woods. Sheriff Alex Villanueva will be Continuing his recovery is going to have additional surgeries on his arm. Unfortunately, Thea, the female remains in intensive care unit and as obviously some issues at the Have to be treated there. That officer was shot in the jaw and arms. Doctors in Germany have already confirmed it. But now there's more evidence that Russia's opposition leader was indeed the victim of foul play. Here's correspondent Patrick Revelli, Alexei Navalny's team said a German military lab found traces of the novel Choc nerve agent used to poison him on a water bottle in his hotel room in the Siberian city of Tom's. It suggests the Russian opposition leader was poisoned before he left the hotel for the flight to Moscow on which she felt critically ill. Navalny's colleagues said the hotel water bottle was one of several they collected from the room after learning he'd fallen sick immediately, fearing he could have been poisoned. Navalny continues to recover at a hospital in Germany, where he was in a medically induced coma for more than two weeks earlier this week. He posted a photo of himself from his hospital bed surrounded by his wife and Children. Cloudy skies now 74 degrees. We're headed down to 66. We do have some rain in the forecast Winds. News time to 36 Hollywood awards season underway 10 10 wins Entertainment Next Hi, It's Olivia Munn with my shelter, pets Frankie and Chance, reminding you that when you adopt a shelter pets, you discover all the things that make them unique. Adopt your love at the shelter pet project dot org's Brought to you by the Ad Council, Humane Society of United States.

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