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And big twelve not to lose to the well. The two most five teams in the conference are going to the sec statements from both mc you have them. It's not a matter of if as we said last week. It's just a matter of when and winds going to happen and the in the timing will be a couple of years so enjoy why you can the sec's going to gain to new powerhouse. Teams and make it about as powerful as it can get because you're adding to potential championship caliber teams. Although the longhorns of a ways to go and have had a ways to go for a minute but they believe they got the coach. Steve sarkisian to fix it and get it right so. Mc what do we got from statements from both oklahoma and texas. Just one second right back up here. The joint statement is sent out between the two. It's very brief. Just says the university of texas at austin and the university of oklahoma notified the big twelve conference today that they will not be renewing their grants of meteorites following the expiration twenty twenty-five providing notice the big twelve at this point is important in advance of the expiration of the conferences current meteorites agreement the university's intend honor there exist in grants grave rights agreements however both universities will continue to monitor the rapidly evolving collegiate athletics landscape as they consider how best position their athletic programs for the future. Which means the sec gain two teams and in twenty twenty five twenty twenty six area. They will have texas and oklahoma in their conference which will be adding sixteen..

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