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This is the California report. I'm penny. Nelson. Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for cinema county yesterday after the past week's storms led to flooding and mudslides along the Russian river news already declared an emergency in almost two dozen other counties due to storm damage the declaration will allow state funds to help the flooded and damaged communities recover. This dorms are now responsible for at least one death. A dairy farm employees in Humboldt county died after attempting to walk from a barn to a nearby residents through approximately five feet of floodwater. He got swept away on Wednesday night. Samantha Cargill is with the Humboldt county sheriff's office at that time to adult subjects and also one juvenile subject entered a tractor and attempted to drive through those flood waters to act, but because of that high water the tractor stalled the subjects saw side of the victim officials have not released the victim's name, what are slowly receding there and officials are assessing damages and dealing with the aftermath well PG, and he has issued a grim new earnings report highlighted by the announcement, the utility believes it's probable that. One of its power lines sparked the devastating campfire in Butte county, last November cake. Dan, Brekke reports PG he has issued several statements in the past suggesting it's caribou Palermo. Transmission line may have been involved in the start of the campfire the catastrophic blaze was first seen by company workers early November eighth beneath the high voltage power line along the feather river about eight miles from the town of paradise in its new statement, the company says it expects investigators will determine its equipment was quote and ignition point for the fire. The company says it's responding by taking a ten point five billion dollar charge against its earnings to prepare for damage claims arising from the disaster. The announcement came a day after the Wall Street Journal reported that PG had put off maintenance work on the aging caribou Palermo line for years. Eighty five people died in the campfire, which burned fourteen thousand homes in and around paradise for the California report. I'm Dan Brekke, shifting years, California, representatives, Barbara Lee and ro Khanna along with Senator and presidential candidate. Cory booker. Reintroduced a Bill. Thursday calling for an end to federal laws against marijuana. It became legal to sell recreational marijuana in California on January first two thousand eighteen but with a license, and that's caused problems. Joining me now is David downs editor of lethally dot com. I can't abyss information website. Well, first of all David can you explain to us what Barbara Lee and her colleagues are trying to do with this federal Bill? It would take THC out of schedule one where it sits sex to heroin. It would expunge federal records. It would be federal legalisation so marijuana possession or sales would not be a crime at the federal level. And it would also kick some money out to the housing and urban development department to handle things like addressing the harms of prohibition on impacted communities. Okay. Now, let's shift to another cannabis related story. That's been in the news. And that is what may be a huge shortfall in available legal marijuana for people to purchase what's going on there. You know one way of put. It is that if you use a plane analogy, California's building this cannabis plane as it flies..

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