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Cabinets at Drexel Interiors from designed to installation Trust the pros at Drexel Interiors and Paul Voting laws with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter. It Wi be sea traffic. We've got fifties 58 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center the time right now it's 7 35. I'm just a working man. So we're keeping our eyes on this weather. What it is. It's coming across. Now what it is that we're looking at. That's going to come across. Evening into the overnight Tony Katz 93. W I. B c Good Morning. Always good to be with you. Yeah. Keeping a strong I because we could see some severe storms work their way through. So hammer Nigel have more for you starting at three o'clock as they geek out on the weather. But it's just tonight to just be aware. Make sure you've got batteries in your flashlight. Do all the things and of course, make sure that you're following WBC on Twitter nine, www. IBC. To get the latest here. What's going on? So you have all the good information. We promise To bring it to you. Kings. They wouldn't it be great. You could be my maid Could kid a steak for goodness sake, Will you please be my oncoming cooked us take State. Oh, meatless Monday, aren't you terrific Seed meatless Mondays one of these things that people came up with, because all you shouldn't eat meat because of the environment or Something of the nature and then it's about social justice. And, of course, social justice is a nonsense term. You.

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