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Tickets your hand. I'm trying to think of the movie that he did with Armie Hammer that I've never seen that was based on an old TV series or an old movie. What was it? Henry Campbell. And maybe that would be kind of a better. Gauges like whether he could play bond. It was the man from uncle. I would have to watch that one but. The. Guy Ritchie film but. Maybe, I'm not the best person take my opinion with a grain of I'm not. I'm not gonNA huge bond fanned the bond fan to be honest with you. I've I've watched the Pierce Brosnan and some of the shotgun I've just I've never been a huge bond fan. Anyway I just thought this article was kind of like fascinated using AI. You know to fucking to match it up I. Wonder. I don't know it'd be interesting to see what else who else could you put in there to figure out who would be the best you know the next Wolverine? Yeah I was just thinking that. do you are? The article say whether they're using it. As like an like. As assistance in making the decision or they're just kind of testing it out just to see what pops up to see if it'd be something that could be used in the future. I guess it has nothing to do with like the casting department or casting for bond in the future they just wanted us this. Assisted program to. Figure out which which of these actors had the you know. The attributes. Their actors attributes against bonds attributes. So using that using the data to give us like the the best successor Fr Daniel Craig, and and that's who they came up with was Cavil at ninety, two point three percent but the when they opened it up outside the US Karl Urban. Was the highest ninety, six point seven. They basically wrote down a bunch of words they would use to describe the bond, and then it's basically like how often is this actor described that same way you know Soi Korea whatever the worth war. But. Karl urban at Henry cavill strike me as being very different choices. Oh, totally..

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