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Idea. That's the dumbest idea over dodgers win. Dodgers win. Dodgers win. Would you advocate for a ballot measure, oh absolutely to repeal to exempt California from daylight say? Absolutely. And I don't know why that's not been on the ballot. If maybe it has. But because there's no money behind it. I mean, that's that's true. You know, all these other measures have these like that proposition six. Oh, yeah. Because you need tens of thousands or whatever. To get and you need the money to pay those signature gatherers. Well, then you need money to advertise. Need money to get it out there, and nobody has that kind of money or interest? I don't even think you'd need to advertise because the title of it would be daylight saving time right now. People would see it on the ballot and go everybody. Yes. Let's do that. Should we be like the the show that does it? Okay. All right. John and Ken have all the measures that matter. Right. We have the one that affects everybody people care, right? And there's no union money get involved. There's no craziness will just go out there and change be against it. There's gonna be some action group some guy who's going to raise millions of dollars that you know, to fight it like there always is our live on KFI. Ben, California's two candidates for governor of tried to play to the home crowd, Republican and democrat agreed. The housing crisis is the top issue, businessman, Johncock says regulations and taxes. Make it too tough to build other states that have democrat governors can build housing a lot faster a lot less costly than California. Lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom used the debate on public radio in San Francisco to say the state needs goals to build far more than one hundred thousand units per year from a production perspective, we've gotta be developing.

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