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Twenty first I'm Bob Kessler ticketing services for the twenty twenty Beijing winter Olympics will be run by Chinese online retailer Ali Baba according to the international Olympic committee or IOC this puts Ali Baba which is a top tier sponsor in line to do the same for future hosts Harris and Los Angeles the IOC's of the ones a single provider over several games additions to cut costs and be simpler than each games organizing committee in turn running its own system at notes Ali Baba owns one of China's largest ticketing platforms the I. O. C.'s as the Beijing contract to sell tickets worldwide will harness Ali Baba's technological and did the expertise Britain Enron I'm to acquire the navy news minute British Foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt denounces around seizure of a British oil tanker in international waters of the strait of Hormuz this is completely unacceptable freedom of navigation must be maintained hunt adds that Britain is not looking at military options Iran denies that a U. S. warship destroyed an Iranian drone near the Persian Gulf many military claims all of its drones returned safely to their bases president trump's response I don't know about it now we we shut it down thousands of New York City commuters were stuck on subway trains ever stop because of a server problem affecting about a third of the city's main lines during rush hour this afternoon city transit president any Byford says it took them about an hour to reboot all the computer servers do not yet know what the root cause of this fight about the break down comes as the city's Walters and he and he topping more than ninety degrees I'm to McGuire AP digital moves back in a moment farmers insurance we have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial cement mixer latch just asking for trouble seen it covered it click for more we are during my farmers truck for insurance exchanges and affiliates products available in every state thank you for listening to the AP radio network he did you.

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