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We were just having this conversation off air. I think that what? What we saw last night is explained in this exchange between the two both sides are tired of the extremist, and you can play what aboutism all day long. You can look if you're on the on the left, you can say Donald Trump. He's he had every right to punch Jim Acosta, literally puncher, but verbally say enough. And you know, you're a bad person every right because of the way Jim was acting, and you can say Jim is Opposers and everything else. However, if you're on the left, you can say that about Donald Trump, and what's happening is we're comparing two sides, and it's your either for this one or that one where what we saw in the election last night was we don't want either of those don't want either of those. I think there's really only five different types of political conversations, and I won't. Tale all of them. But the most common one by far particularly with the media is just our team is the good team. The other team is the bad team. It's the easiest one it lends itself to that. What aboutism rather than dealing with the actual what was the violation that happened. What was the that was broken? Just who's the good guy who's the bad guy in this one furthers that narrative of there's too I don't I don't feel like I'm on either team. And I think there's a lot of Americans that are neither. And yet when you get into that. What about is MC creates that false dichotomy when I got into the voting both yesterday. I felt like I was on team. And I didn't like it. You know, I was like this has got to stop. And I didn't like it. I don't want to be on a team, but you get to a point to where which pick your poison is back to that. And that's that's not good because it's poison speaking a moment in defense of what aboutism, I think it's important. There's a voice here that defends it. I think what aboutism could be really bad. If what you're using it for is to exonerate your person. Right. Like if I'm going to say, Trump didn't do anything wrong. Because look what it cost us doing to call them. Both terrible in these situations. I think what aboutism someone appropriate. I think they both active bad, and you made a point off the air that, you know, first of all, you know, you're not supposed to necessarily expect as much out of a report of resum random reporters. You are the president. I think that's a fair point and Kosta, I think is very self aggrandizing, but they both are any breach decorum, which is the. For those of us that are concerned with the dissolution of discord civility. If it's happening, regardless of where it's happening. It's a bad thing. It doesn't help..

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