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To a little sun. Hi's a 56 The 60. I'd ask you whether meteorologist Bill Decker News 93.1 kfbk. The following program is brought to you by sports, leisure vacations and the views and opinions may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this station. Today on the travel guys. The drama that played out in Washington, D. C this week overflowed into the air traffic SIF system as passengers pushed the envelope in the sky, and the new travel Advisory says you should self quarantine for 10 days when you return home from out of state travel details next in the travel news. In our smarter travelers segment coming up in 3 20. We have two tips to help you when you start taking to the skies again they address mask wearing for the junior travelers and the longest flight first rule. Tone upon Nevada has a new hotel. Well, actually, an old hotel maid knew the owners of the famous haunted Miss Paul have honored the own opened the Belvita just across the street. We'll take you for a visit to this new queen of the desert at 3 35. Step back from the baggage claim, not only a practical idea for the airport, but maybe it works in other situations. Jason Bargor is our guest of 3 45. Gather around the radio kids and listen while grandpa talks to you about the olden days when people used to fly to far away places in aluminum tubes, sail the high seas and wander across the land. And way back Then they had this radio show and it was called the Travel Guys Road again. I just can't wait to get on the road.

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