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Station. just. right. ABC news live in local it's four o'clock I'm was Warner federal prosecutors say one southern California church locked up homeless people as part of a cruel forced labor operation the US attorney for San Diego says people at a church in el Centro called imperial valley ministries posed as missionaries to drug addicts and recruited homeless people from around the southwest a dozen church leaders are accused of holding those people captive and stripping them of their identities and financial means the fed say the defendant's forced to their captives to beg for money that was then turned over to the church all of the victims are now free Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news a lockdown is continuing in part of Santa Monica as police search for armed robber lieutenant Candace Covarrubias says it's going on near Idaho and night there's nothing to be afraid of at this juncture we have the area locked down we have the best of the best out there conducting a search police say mass suspect armed with a shot gun entered a Wells Fargo bank about ten o'clock this morning no shots were fired and no one was hurt Roosevelt elementary school was placed on lockdown but the kids were eventually released at the normal time White House national security adviser John Bolton has been fired by the president we're told the relationship between the two men came to a head in the oval office last night two people are telling us that the president and John Bowlen guide to what is being described as a bitter disagreement last night a bitter argument over the president's decision to host those Taliban leaders at camp David something we reported that John Bolton was strongly against along with several other people in the administration. California is on the verge of becoming the first state in the country to automatically clear and seal arrest records a bill to give low level offenders a better chance at reform has also been sent to the governor their cases would be kept secret and listed in the state database advocates say it will help those who serve time with employment and housing right now the supplies to arrests after January first of twenty twenty one but could eventually include past convictions.

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