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Adults in this case and again. From the building. Montgomery Fire spokesman Pete Piringer says there was one serious but not life threatening injury. An inspector will determine the cause. But it appears there were just simply too many people on the deck. Maryland State police are investigating the death of a man who died in the custody of Calvert County sheriff's deputies over the weekend after he was captured while breaking windows. 31 year old Antoine Brooks of Hunting town was handcuffed in a spokesman says he apparently consumed a controlled substance while in handcuffs. Moments later, his breathing grew shallow is post went faint. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police will share body camera footage of the arrest with Brooke's family this morning, then release it to the public. While you were quarantined road crews were busy improving a stretch of Roadway and Loudon County, and it debuts today, the dot is unveiling a new interchange at Route seven in Battlefield Parkway and Leesburg. Crews have been working to build a new bridge over out seven carrying Battlefield Parkway over out seven. That's a big deal to a lot of drivers, says v dot spokesperson Jennifer McCord. There are about 100,000 vehicles a day that goes through this area. The dot also taking out the last traffic signal, meaning a clear stretch of roadway from Berryville, Virginia, all the way to sterling, Barbara Brit W M A. L and W m a l dot com. If you're in the market for a house, you may get sticker shock. But waiting to buy.

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