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So I thought we'd talk with someone who is an actual experts former surgeon. General Vivek Murthy all right so first things first. Welcome to the show. Dr Thank you so much for being here. Speak to be with you trevor. Well thank you for being there and then thank you for talking to me here. I should say I feel like we have to change our language for the world. We live in now. You one of the few people who has a unique insights into what is happening now is somebody who served as the US surgeon general you had a very specific job and that is essentially keeping the nation healthy and you've commented on how unfair it is to send doctors into fight. The Corona virus when the government is not giving them the equipment that they need to protect themselves. What do you think people are missing about the fight? Doctors are having with this virus or trevor. This feels very personal to me. You know if it is my friends. My family members and colleagues were on the front lines. Now of the war that we're waging with this new virus in very dangerous virus and we're asking them in many cases to going to battle without the armor the your doctors having reuse masks because your hospitals are running out even though they know that puts immigration risked their doctors who are running out of gowns and gloves. There are hospitals that are running out eventually later than they're trying to figure out how to use one ventilator in share them between two patients at the same time so he's not wrong to ask doctors and nurses to work hard. It's on bad wrong to ask him to sacrifice Take care of their patients that I believe it's wrong to send them in without the protection that they deserve. And that's why as a country we need to be pulling out the stops on ramping up production of all the materials that they need. It's not enough to say we'll do it when you need it. It's not enough to say well it's up to somebody else to solve that problem out all every level of government you need to be making this the top priority because doctors nurses and healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line for us. It's high end a growing consensus that starting to emerge both online and unfortunately in the White House. This idea that the cure which is social distancing etc. Some people are calling. It is going to be worse than what is being caused by. People being unemployed excetera. What do you think people missing when they say we're just going to have to live with this? Allow people to get sick and accept that some people are going to die. Will I think it's important to consider the pros and cons of every approach and lets me on sears? Perfect approach here but it is. I think a false choice to say that we have to choose between people's lives and the economy because a real way that we should be addressing. This virus is to recognize that the way we say the economy's actually by defeating the virus unless we take these steps and make sure that these are in place New really should not be thinking about pulling back that is a recipe for making the situation situation both the health and the economic situation. Much much worse before I let you go. You have a book that is coming out. That speaks to a situation that we'll find ourselves in right now and that is where isolated from people that we know and love. Many people are forced to stay at home either by themselves or not with the community. They used to you writes in your book about how society struggling with a new disease and that is essentially loneliness. What are some of the things? People can do to try and maintain their mental health as well as their physical health. Trevor because it's important not just speakers loneliness ill poorly but also because we now understand the chronic loneliness is actually bad for. Our health increases our risk for art disease. It shortens are is associated with a shorter lifespan. But there are things we can do to ensure that we strengthen social connection. His heart is this time. Is I think that we can retention. Come out of it even stronger. We Houston so number one. I think it's important that we spend at least fifteen minutes a day if not more engaged with people that we love whether that means be conferencing with them writing to them calling them on the phone so we can hear their voice. The second is really important that we make that time count. And that means improving the quality of our time with others by decreasing the distractions that we experience during our interactions. So instead of talking to somebody on the.

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