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Home. Western Union Global Reach Denver roots. Tonight's game is brought to you by Central City Casino Parkway. Take the four lanes of fun. I 72 exit to 43. Parents. Another shoot Basketball academy host their first ever virtual clinic February 8. I just heard today another stock come and receive a basketball T shirts the opportunity to test your skills for a chance to win exclusive prizes. Denver basketball to start the fourth Corps Monte Morris has it too green for three choppers up in and the Nuggets leading by 26 eases 1st 100 cause 1st 100 win this game will go on top of the key is honored. Bialo another. See that 174. He gets it back from Coco Shove in ski down the way he goes, and he got fouled from behind. By John Michael Green cases. Michael Green definitely knew that one was on him, too. It gave a little pointy hit his chest saying mounds on me. I got to be better defensively. And you know what? Cause I like that accountability. I like him being like now. That was me. That was my positioning. I could have stepped up for my team in a better way. Their first free throw by Amadou Diablo is no good. It will have one more second free throw is on the way. And that one is up. Michael Green gets the inbound under fucking composite. As a back out on top, the green catching ghost. Oh dump pass. He had a great dumped down the hardest time, but he bobbled the past over to composite composite baseline Clippers. No good hearted, starting the rebound. Not gonna count foul from behind on Isaiah and that will be thunder basketball coming back the other way. Don't mind the aggressiveness, though on the boards and trying to create a chance opportunities like that. I think that's a foul that you just Comes in Malibu yesterday, the mid court circles and he gets bumped by compositing. That'll be a foul on him and thunder basketball on the side. Okay, But don't let the snowball now either. Like to Michael Green. Got a chippy foul Hartenstein got chippy foul capaz. Oh, be disciplined defensively here. And here we go. Mama do beyond girls Cross court over the election spoke. Oh, shit. Pinsky will take a three jumpers. No good rebound comes down to Monte Morris. Monte Morris has it across the timeline High pick from Hartenstein wide open his green for three Damn, was no good rebound tipped out by Does your right toe heart this time. Hands up behind him That composite nine on the shock off back over the green drives in on the scholar leans in lay up is up and in good with the shooter's scholar. Easy, Scott, slow feet. It's like that play their local Shippen's. He has it on top of a scholar. Right side over. Mamadou Yalla. Yalla cross court pass in the corner. Josh Hall, catching ghosts, hook shot good and a foul on hard and stuff. Now who do we have? Who's checking it? Now? Let me just say that the Nuggets bench mob right now is probably the most energetic or at an all time high that I've seen them all season. What you might green just did. He turned on and point at the entire Nuggets bench and everybody was on their feet. Jamal Murray is jumping up and down, pointing.

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