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Nineteen forty seven oh he was maybe eleven or twelve one that's happened in phnom emmett idaho there was undocumented uh you a full siding with multiple witnesses and he was living there at that time and that's uh that's interesting but then it's also interesting that this occurred on february twenty of nineteen uh she forty it's 48 48 ninety forty eight well john kill ha bad pointed out in one of his books uh these you have full phenomenon often seem to repeat on the exact same calendar dates it and it was exactly eleven years later to the day the jury had an encounter in utah now i don't know if he had any awareness of this you a phone citing an eminent that day uh but just the fact that he was living there is interesting a you know the idea that he was under some kind of truth serum and that they wouldn't tell him what information they've been revealed during that that kind of racist red flag that you raise other red flags in the book asking the question could this have been some sort of mindcontrol control operation or ceiops it certainly is our question that arises because the some of the streams components um for instance the return trip to utah um two highly suspicious or suspect of of a possible um post amoco or post hypnotic suggestion is the way it unfolded in in houston tramp state and how we seem to know exactly where to go um so that was one flag that's not the only possible explanation but it was a flag uh and then going over the records it appeared route hear maybe there was two ametoko interviews instead of just one because who won that jerry remembered occurred i'm out three weeks after the one that's actually recorded in his uh medical records so he remembered something that's not recorded in the one that's recorded he doesn't remember so that's a that's very out suspicious as well you also mentioned there's a side trip to ford award that seemed weird yeah and i have to admit that um that might not be weird it in the military because i don't have military.

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