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To a meeting marie came armed with medical documents but by the end of the meeting ski administrators said jamie lee extra coaching when those special it will put more time into it and we'll see if another reading programme allow next in secondgrade things got worse for shave and outside psychiatrist diagnosed her with war conditions anxiety depression learning disability in britain russian in ask verse in third grade marie asked again to test jade for special ed and short story is that it was denied afterwards marie pulled the principal aside and said she was willing to do would ever it took it seems like this was a big game that was being played like something behind the scenes was going on where i needed to know somebody or i needed to cava a code word or something was their big game being played the houston chronicle investigated special education in texas and why so many children like jade or denied even though these services are supposed to be guaranteed by federal law laura ice nc of houston public media has the story of how investigative reporter brian rosenthal uncovered wolves going on brian rosenthal was reporting for the houston chronicle in two thousand sixteen when he got it tip from a guy named dustin rangers dozens an attorney with disability rights texas he says he started to notice something unusual about special education in the state the calls used to be about quality of services and now most of them are about just getting in the door when dustin tried to get kids tested for special ed officials kept mentioning the same number eight point five percent well you know we have to be careful of our 85 percent or and we never even knew what they were talking about because of course there's nothing in federal law hour in idea that suggests that there should be any couch you're going to hear that number a lot in this story destin thought.

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