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Report. With me today's Daniel Mike Adams are co hosting. Good to see you today. How are you this morning Dr Paul good feeling weak and ready and raring to go. That's right. Solve another problem. Couple I've been saying that for a long time. His hard to measure and I think that is the truth when we're in this type of business or no matter what kind of freedom group it is you never know what the results are I keep thinking about all the young people that call me the have their own little organization that somebody say, why don't you go on there? They only have two, thousand, two, thousand I used to go for twenty. So. There's a lot of people out there a lot of changes. So that's where I get my optimism. So that's why we keep plugging along. Do our best to get the information is sorted out because you know we usually find some good news people move in our direction. I think we have a little bit of that today. At least information we have the CDC report. Which is Falling our way and that trying to explain that the data's not reliable. And also, that there are some results in Berlin in Europe we're showing that to people are rebellious. Actually better than the Americans are. Rolling over here you know. Adam Dick are staffer written article really goes over this details about what's going on on our car colleges not destroying people then you know we still. Nervously have some in our family still into. Regular teaching business and kids in regular schools, and it is just devastated tried to raise kids doing this and I. It seems like it's deliberately to really get you up. Especially, if you have kids at different ages and different schools and then they take a break it up some his home, some is doing this and some of your ten classes and it's a good good way to make people nervous and the kids to there's not only parents who have to hustle has to be the kids to get all upset about this because they believe it or not kids like to be organized and they like it when people give them a little bit of help structure nor they're going to do but we WANNA go over. The CDC report and this is really something that. We suspected we talk about we knew it existed, but this is some..

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