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Football. He's back here is Rich Ackerman. All right, six games going on right now. And when First stop is MetLife Stadium, And there's 10 Minutes left in. The Browns could have pulled within three, but they excused the point after went for two. Let's see how it played out. Here's Mike Mancuso. Okay, Rich. Actually, they missed the extra point. So Ah Park. He missed the extra point that kept this a four point margin. So right now, the Jets lead 20 to 16. With 9 14 remaining in the fourth quarter. The Jets have gained a couple of first downs on this drive that started on their own 23. Right now they are on midfield, and they have a second and four, so the Jets offense giving the defense Some rest. As the Browns have had a couple of scoring drives. Baker Mayfield is woken his team up here in this second half. They just go out on a Karim hunt four yard touchdown run to pull them to within 2016. That is the big game rich for the Browns, obviously is trying to catch the Steelers. On top of that. A F C North. They play next week and with steel is struggling. Today, the Browns have the opportunity, so you know, they sense that they came out and had a good third quarter. But right now the Jets if they can put some points on the boy, double Really helped the defense out here and Sam Donald playing very well in this game, 2nd and 4th midfield jets on top 20 to 16. All right, Thank you very much. Mike's or four point game there in plenty of time left, the other New York team has drawn closer but still a long way off. Let's check in with Craig Heist in Baltimore. You have the ball back again. Rich and Daniel Jones is company offense in gear a little bit here in this second half. They got a three yard touchdown pass from Jones to Sterling Shepherd a moment ago, capping off 16 placed 76 yard drives, and that's gotten the morning within 27 13. Of the Ravens with 6 17 to Caroline the Ravens. Ah, not back, then had to put it back to the Giants or in New York with the ball and they'll start their drive right now at their own 32 yard line, and Jones heating up a little bit 21 of 32 for 211 Yards. Ah, the Ravens will Mark Jackson. Two touchdown passes 15 of 24 the Ravens on the ground, doing what you expect them to do. They've got 240 total yards as a team. And we mentioned the last time that J. K Dobbins and left with a chest injury. He was questionable to come back. But he has come back in this game, as has Marlon Humphrey as well. So 27 13 Ravens have the lead over the giant 6 17 to go. All right, Daniel Jones not having a bad day today despite the score. 21 of 32 is Craig mentioned for 2 11 and a touchdown. Lamar Jackson, though, has been terrific 148 yards and a pair of touchdowns and also 78 yards on the run. The Giants were unable to stop the run in the first half of had a little more success here in the second, but still down by 14. That's got a Christian veteran Kansas City. This is the chief we know in love, or at least showing a non objective situation, but just the team we have come to know. I guess it would be a better way of putting it, Christian Exactly. This is a much more exciting drive in more ways than one that she's putting together some big plays on this drive. Nine plays 75 yards. Get the touchdown Patrick Mahomes into Marcus Robinson 25 yards to make it 17 14. So they retake the lead with a minute 55. Left in this game, so Atlanta will get the ball back. Still have just under a minute to tie or take the lead in this game in this drive, though, Travis Kelsey on this on this drive, 36 yard Catch came coming on a third down at their own forgotten 10 so gets the first down also gets the record. He needed 60 yards in this game to become, uh, to get the records break the NFL record for most receiving yards by tied in eclipsing the 13 77 mark set by George Kittle back in 2018 also coming into this game, he just needed He only needed well. Now it's over 100 yards, So a couple of plays later got a 16 yard catch, And that's it game over 100 yards in this game, so he tied she's tied in another Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez for most 100, plus yards receiving games at 26. The most important thing is they were able to cap this drive off the chief's now lead by a field goal 17 to 14 Mahomes. Getting his second touchdown of the day after having a lackluster day, throwing an interception in this game 24 of 44 to 78 2 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan 24 28 to 58 2 Touchdowns Chiefs lead by a field goal 17 14 just under two minutes left in the game, all right. It's now a three point game in Pittsburgh, but it's not the way you think it is. Let's check in with Jeff Hawthorne for the latest You know, AC. I've seen a lot of amazing comeback, but I don't know if I've seen one under Ben Roberts Burger. Where the team is looks so dead and yet in the second half has been so alive after being stuffed. First and goal at the one yard line. Getting no point. The Steelers have scored on three straight touchdown drive and have taken a 28 2 24 lead Ben Ross's burger over 200 yards passing Latest that touched down to two juice. Ms. Schuster, his third of this AB as the Steelers sword, dead and buried, really in this game now have a 28 24 lead over the cold. Philip Rivers does have a touchdown pass Jonathan Taylor, a couple of touchdown run It has been all Steelers here and second half after a Colts field goal to start the third quarter. 28 24 Steelers 7 38 to play here in the fourth. Jeff, I guess that's why is the Hall of Famer because I have an hour ago, we were talking about how this team may have lost its swagger a bit, and now they're leading for the first time in 10 quarters, and I'm guessing no longer trending is fire myself..

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